A theory about what the artifacts are going to be...

2021.09.20 00:58 Lack-of-Luck A theory about what the artifacts are going to be...

So whilst exploring and looking for hard drives from the crashed HUB freighters to try and get the alts I need, I began to think about how the geography of the land could have occurred. What I mean is that the world appears to be comprised of massive plateaus separated by gigantic chasms, almost as if the planets crust had been cracked.
Then, I began to notice all the stone arches. They're pretty much everywhere, but for the life of me I can't really think of a way for them to have formed naturally. Maybe they could have been veins of harder rock that resisted erosion while the softer rock around weathered away, but they're far to uniform for that. I began to think that they could be massive ribs, since there are several locations where they're jutting out from a single point all in the same direction and resemble some. Buuuuuut that didn't really sit well either since they would have to have come from absolutely massive creatures, and there isn't much evidence of that (I mean, there's the giant egg, but I'm not sure if that's a literal easter egg or not, so eh). Then I started looking at the artifacts.
At first, I noted a few things:

Another thing I was curious about was the giant weird jellyfish things in a few locations hanging from a hammock thing. I thought at first, maybe the mercer sphere's were were related to them somehow (mostly just do the very vaguely similar shape (ball with vines/tentacles)), maybe being an egg for it, or maybe the majestic sky-flaps. But then I started exploring again and examining some of the flora. Namely the giant trees. I noticed that they seemed to be partially made of rock, or a rock like material, near the base. This isn't really related except for the fact that it reminded me of petrified wood (I mean, was thinking about fossils earlier but eh). And I realized that massive giant vines that had become petrified would likely form structures similar to the stone arches all over the map, especially after large amounts of erosion over time.
Again, I can't remember the source, but remember hearing that the artifacts were supposedly the remains of two warring factions. That combined with the 'egg' idea about the mercer spheres, and the fact that the somersloops were always embedded in something (normally rock, and almost like it had been hidden or purposely placed there) gave me an idea.
What if the artifacts really are the result of an ancient battle? What if there had been a sentient species on the planet that had developed technology, maybe even space travel. And what if this species found an interesting, impossibly smooth sphere that they felt compelled to bring back with them to show the rest of their kind. This sphere could have even possibly been a source of great scientific interest, possibly being able to generate energy in some way (if you stand near artifacts for long enough, pinkish/purple sparks start floating around it). This species would likely try to replicate this amazing artifact, though with their own twist, their own influence. But what if that sphere was actually far more malicious, more alive than expected? Maybe it happened randomly, or waited for just the right conditions, but the sphere, actually a seed, would split open, roots digging into the ground and digging deep. At first, the scientists examining it would likely look on in awe as this amazing artifact continues to astound them with it's capabilities. But then the ground beneath them shakes, and cracks open, several strange looking vines lashing out and attacking the scientists, revealing it's true, darker nature. But it was too late, the roots grew faster than should reasonably be possible, spreading through the crust of the entire planet over the course of several months. Everywhere its roots spread, the life seemed to leave the land itself as the alien plant absorbed any and all available nutrients. This would be soon followed by massive vines ripping up through the ground, spreading out and seeking any creatures it could kill and consume. The species that had brought this hell to their planet struggled fight against it, very little seemed capable of stopping the onslaught, though a few toxins and fire were marginally effective at slowing it down. In what was likely one of the last things their species did, the scientist managed to refine a form of the toxin that showed to be effective against the alien, and created a massive amount of it, and dispersed it, either in the rain or through the air. This proved incredibly potent against the plant, killing it. Either through the vines being more 'wood'-like and able to support themselves (but not being decomposed, likely due to the toxin killing microbes that would do so) and what we see now are essentially the 'core' of the vines that are exposed from weathering. That or the toxin that was able to kill the plant did so by effectively calcifying it (or, I guess it'd be petrifying?), and froze the creature in its death throws. Unfortunately for the alien species, the toxin eradicated themselves too, but they knew this would happen, and left records, of their history and of the threat they encountered.
This would go a long way explaining all the stone arches, as well as all the massive chasms and straight up pits (these are parts of the crust that were broken up as the plant creature's roots tore through the planet, and the pits would be an area that a massive vine surfaced). It would also explain why there's several species of plant (i think those spire things are plants?) that actively give off the toxic cloud as a defense mechanism (including the poisonous alpha stinger), even though the pioneer seems to be the only creature on the planet affected by it. This would indicate that the other creatures (stingers, hogs, spitters, crabs) evolved with notable exposure to this toxin to not be affected by it, and the plants that give off the toxin only do so as a hold-over trait from a time when they were the only source of this toxin.
So yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and point out that this is just a dumb theory for a game in early access, made by someone who's currently sleep deprived, so take alllllll this with a giant boulder sized grain of salt.
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2021.09.20 00:58 couldbelou Ecovacs Deebot X1 just announced - any guesses on release date in North America?

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2021.09.20 00:58 Remarkable_Common674 The smile of Maddie

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2021.09.20 00:58 Fearless-Ostrich8570 My Campunotus Pennsylvanicus at the start of this year (first two pics), vs now (3rd pic)

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2021.09.20 00:58 ExtempCommunist Hello. I am a proud debate parent, my son wants to run ‘tricks’, please explain what they are because he is being told not to run them.

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2021.09.20 00:58 Fancy_Wing1266 Mugxtsu × Sneaky - The Exit ep

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2021.09.20 00:58 Cole2197 Hey I just want to ask does anyone know how to get the saw thing for the maple pass event that currently happening?

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2021.09.20 00:58 carb0nbasedlifeforms Every time I go through checkout at the grocery store

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2021.09.20 00:58 RonTheRatKing Based.

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2021.09.20 00:58 QUEENHUSTLER88 Caregiver Questions and answers

Hello everyone I recently applied to be a care caregiver through the VA due to my bf is a army vet and has several mental health issues and needs help as far as taking meds and being reminded and also daily hygiene as well as eating, he has PTSD and bioplar and anxiety and there are certain things he can't do on his own, my question we have a video interview this Tuesday at 10am for the caregiver program and it's basically a vet assessment and caregiver assessment which is me, on Oct 9th we will be 3 years together and I been helping any a everyday basis I even had to quit my job to help him with his everyday activities. I basically do all the cooking and cleaning like laundry and dishes etc, im nervous because the first time we applied was 2 years ago and we got denied and now we applied again and have been further along in the progress now. I just need help and advice now what to say considering this is my first time doing this im basically clueses I don't want to mess this up its very important and he needs a caregiver also he has a emotional support animal to help him cope and when he has mood swings or depressed or sad. Hopefully someone can help me please and thank you
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2021.09.20 00:58 tcc1 Can I call another entire list from a to do list?

For example, there is a rote set of things that have to happen before I start a work week. That is in a to do list of its own right. Can I call to that list on a scheduled basis from my "master" to do list?
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2021.09.20 00:58 Crackdummy_Will After browsing and enlightening myself on this sub, I finally changed my mind about communism

Xijin Ping does kinda look like Winnie Pooh
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2021.09.20 00:58 myt272727 Help me narrow down my college list

I divided my list to 4 categories, based on both how hard to get accepted and education/prestige. I want to narrow down each category to 5 colleges, removing the ones with relatively worse; politics/international relations department, social environment (e. g. very conservative), financial aid to internationals, internship opportunities or in other words middle of nowhere.
Category 4: Davidson, Lafayette, Trinity, Skidmore, Richmond, Vassar, Drexel
Category 3: Emory, Tufts, Claremont McKenna, WUSTL, Brandeis, Carleton
Category 2: Williams, Swarthmore, UChicago, UPenn, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Pomona
Category 1: Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford
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2021.09.20 00:58 Time_Bid5263 Is the Westwood block party today?

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2021.09.20 00:58 Sto0pid81 Started a new seed for H&H - but brought one stone cutter :)

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2021.09.20 00:58 hhh333 AJA que si tu as eu le Covid et un vaccin tu es immunisé contre tout les variants

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2021.09.20 00:58 hunterhouse_ Is there a game mod to skip "Imperial Audience"?

For as many times as I have played through this section of the game, I don't like it, and the only real "game" part of it is the gent at the end you can play Gwent with.
Is there a way to skip it?
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2021.09.20 00:58 kiztent Cryspes - A Fifteenth Century Cookry Book (1962)

Made cheesecake from the Fannie Farmer cookbook today, but since it was the 1994 edition, I'm going to go with a 1430 or 1450 recipe reprinted in a 1962 cookbook.
Hope this is old enough.
Take white of eyren, Milke, and fyne floure, and bete hit togidre, and draw hit thorgh a streynour, so that hit be rennyng, and noght to stiff; and caste there-to sugar and salt. And then take a chaffur ful of fressh grece boyling; and then put thi honde in the batur and lete the bater ren thorgh thi fingers into the chaffur ; And whan it is ren togidre in the chaffre, and is ynowe take a Skymour and take hit oute of the chaffur, and putte oute al the grece, and lete ren ; and putte hit in a faire dissh, and cast sugar thereon ynow, and serve it forth.
(batur and bater are in fact spelled differently 5 words apart, despite being the same word)
Take egg whites, milk and flour. Beat them together and strain it so that it is runny and not too stiff. Add sugar and salt.
Heat a pot full of fresh boiling grease. Grab a handful of batter and let the batter run through the fingers into the grease. When it is done, take a skimmer and remove from the pot. Let it drain, put it in a nice dish, sprinkle with sugar, and serve.
I think of these as Medieval funnel cakes, but they could easily be proto-donuts or fritters. Other recipes for Crisps do not involved running batter through your fingers.
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2021.09.20 00:58 clip_mirror_bot XQC calls LSF for being hypocrites allowing gambling content on the sub after it being banned

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2021.09.20 00:58 connorlogan125 25th Anniversary

Does anyone know if they will be restocking any of the merch?
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2021.09.20 00:58 cbruffin121 Unbelievably tough overgrooming issue, about 4 years of failing to solve. Please help!

I have an f4 savannah (now about 10 years old) that is the sweetest cat alive. He never used to overgroom, but now we cannot stop him. We have 3 cats (all are great friends), but for a brief time, we had 4. The 4th one had fleas when he moved in. They got out of control fast - we bombed the place and got everyone treated, and have not had a problem since. During this flea period, he began overgrooming, but even after the fleas were gone, he never stopped.
We think somehow when getting bitten by tons of fleas, it triggered something in him. I have heard people say keep treating for fleas even if you don't see them, which we do. He's an indoor cat. We had him on steroid shots for a while, which worked great, but we feared the long term side effects and began trying other things. He wears clothes all the time, and at times he also wears a cone for lengthy periods (weeks) if we have some bad areas to heal. He tears his clothes up quickly and we have to buy new outfits often. Anytime he gets to some exposed fur, he will lick it bloody in a matter of minutes. When we take off his clothes to give him a bath, he will try to groom so aggressively it's like he is attacking himself, spastically rolling around and licking and biting like a maniac. I have taken him to 3 regular vets plus a cat dermatologist. I have spent thousands of dollars and tried many medications. Please help us!
We have: -Had him checked for environmental allergies. Dermatologist said he is allergic to like everything. We had him on sublingual allergy drops for 6-7 months they made based on his allergy profile but it did not seem to help, so we stopped. They aren't cheap -Tried Atopica for a couple of months. He thought this stuff was liquid death. He would foam at the mouth when we gave it to him and we felt so bad. It seemed to help some, but not at all to where we could leave him unclothed. Considering it cripples his immune system, wasn't effective enough, and how much it seemed to torture him, we stopped. -Tried a few different cat antihistamines/ kitty Benadryl. Maybe helped some, but maybe not. It is hard to tell when nothing we have tried has gotten him to where he can live unclothed. -Tried natural / holistic remedies, with cat treats containing a variety of herbs that are supposed to help. Did not work -Tried PEA (Redonyl Ultra) treats to help with skin barrier. We still do it, but it doesn't seem to help. Have done it for a while -He gets a daily liquid multivitamin in his food -We tried kitty probiotics in his food for a while -We tried Maropitant Citrate. Typically used as an anti nausea medicine, but vet studies show a strong anti itch effect. It does actually seem to help, but not enough to get him out of his clothes. He doesn't love it, but he doesn't react horribly like he did to the Atopica. The problem is this prevents vomiting, and he's been known to eat things he should not have (countless socks over the years, pieces of blankets, pieces of stuffed animals, etc). We are afraid he could eat something and not be able to throw it up, causing a dangerous blockage -We give him CBD drops. This helps calm him, but it doesn't stop whatever makes him hurt himself
We have not tried any form of antidepressant, which may be one of the few things we have not tried. He loves our other cats, they all cuddle each other and it's not like he's meeting stranger animals to make him feel unsafe. He has a wall mounted jungle gym if he wants to be up high. I am not sure what to do. It is heartbreaking to come home sometimes and find out he wrestled out of his outfit, and his entire side is hairless and bloody. The vets have tested for the usual suspects, ran blood work, and say he seems healthy. We will try just about anything. Help me fix my kitty son please
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2021.09.20 00:58 Sprague51 Investigating Unexplained Phenomena with Chris Lehto (Former USAF Pilot)

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2021.09.20 00:58 fukcnmando Mexia, Texas.

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2021.09.20 00:58 ObligationWarm5222 Is a 1660 super okay?

I'm in the position to finally build a PC, and I can settle right now for a 1660 super with almost all the other parts being about what I want. The games I'm mostly gonna be playing aren't anyone crazy. I can obviously run Minecraft, but what about a game like FORZA, GTAV, Ark, etc? My old PC ran a 980 - how would a 1660 super compare to that? And how would it compare to a 3060?
Any advice is appreciated folks
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2021.09.20 00:58 overageaverage Any known fix or update on the PSN EU store for OG players? I can't seem to buy the upgrade.

I have the disc version and have finished the 24gb update as well. Somehow, the PSN EU add-on store still says it is unavailable for me and I need to download the base game.
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