Birthday Party

2021.09.20 01:34 AdelineG Birthday Party

Hi everyone!!
I recently let my daughter (3 she’ll be four next month) watch Kiki, and of course she fell in love with it just like I did.
Next month is her birthday and she’s obsessed with Kiki and has asked for a Kiki themed birthday party. I thought “Great! That’ll be soooo much fun to do!” My problem is there’s not a lot of decor that I can buy. I’m arts and crafty and a decent baker so I’m fully down for some DYI. I have a full industrial banner printer I can use as well as high end photo printer. I also have friends at a custom print/embroidery studio that can do things.
Obviously due to covid it won’t be a big party-just close family so I don’t need a lot of games or favors. More decorations and easy cake/cookie ideas. I’m making her a Kiki dress and her big red bow and thinking on finally getting her a black cat that she’s been begging for as a pet for her birthday.
Any ideas would be amazingly!
Thanks in advance for any ideas/help!!
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2021.09.20 01:34 cancerousking pain

Just pain and nothing else
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2021.09.20 01:34 CoachLuke84 Lamb kebabs marinated in olive oil, lemon & oregano

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2021.09.20 01:34 SnooRadishes5251 Uxie on me! First 5 to add and comment are invited

Code: 0162 2356 7812
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2021.09.20 01:34 AntonRising23 I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lost weight.

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2021.09.20 01:34 cais0n How do you skip forward 10 Seconds on new Apple TV Remote?

I just got the new Siri remote and the only thing that I miss so far from the old one is the ability to click the corners of the trackpad and skip forward 10 seconds. Has anyone found a way to do this on the new remote yet? Thanks!
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2021.09.20 01:34 mattfofatt01 I’ve had a few questions about the process I use to dye some discs so I made a glue masking tutorial! Enjoy!

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2021.09.20 01:34 SilverPhantomB The Demon Summoned from Earth: Chapter 12; Allies of the Darkness (Maybe?)

There was a long silence as the obviously enraged woman, Stacy, continued to heal herself.
The night quiet was awkward and almost insufferable. He had so many questions but it felt as if talking would get him crushed under her gaze. He was socially inept but even he knew that striking conversation right now was not the best option.
Thankfully she broke the silence for him.
"What do you know?", Stacy asked him with discontent and an undertone of melancholy in her words. It was pretty obvious that she did not enjoy his company and would rather be somewhere else.
With utmost confidence he spoke up, trying his best to flaunt non existent knowledge. The events of the past few days where summarized leaving out the bits of him crawling, puking, and ended it with the effects of 'Sky knight'.
She listened to his sprawling story and did nothing but glare into the darkness, distant and bored.
"-and we aren't liked around here, are we?"
Her head snapped back to Alex, the answer was sneered with enough venom and sarcasm that he almost recoiled at her response.
"Take a guess Shit face, we are visibly labeled as the 'Bad guys', what do you think would happen?."
Alex decided that talking was no longer an option with her.
He was growing more and more uncomfortable with the lack of clothing for both parties. Never would he have thought that a naked woman would make him uncomfortable. The cut off point for conversation was when she responded. He was actually a little scared of this woman in the dark.
Why was she picked by Azarith?
Where did she come from?
How long has she been here?
What did she mean by visibly labeled?
The questions that could get him killed swirled in his cranium for minutes and possibly hours as they sat without words.
Eventually his companion stood up, and with a glance at him, began to walk in what seemed to be random direction.
Alex jumped up, his new strength made him feel faster then ever. He was behind her by a few feet and they walked in a perpetual 'Don't talk to me or I will kill you' vibe.
He had hardly noticed, but the forest had other details he hadn't seen before. The moon light seemed to clear his mind, reminding him of earths.
The dirt was smooth and solid, with grass sprouting like blades of silver and grey.
They hiked through the night tapestry without preamble or explanation.
Where are we going?
The he took the time to wipe his mind of the village and the systematic paradoxes that had taken place, and studied the nature around him.
It was barely noticeable but he could hear the sound of something like crickets as they called out in the night.
This place was his new home, for however long or until he died and went back the abyss.
The trees, upon closer inspection, had thin veins of multicolored liquids, just beneath the- bark?
He touched one, only now realizing that the outside felt closer to thin silk, layered like skin.
It was so odd he was puzzled that he hadn't noticed this sooner. Alex came to the conclusion that he really was a dense piece of shit.
Skill: Sliver eye;
Activate to visibly detect mana.
+10 mana on activation.
Why not?
'Silver eye'
The world exploded with color and essence, aura and trails of different shades.
He actually gasped at the new sight.
It was like the saturation was turned up to max for a Van Gogh painting.
Holy shit.
Stacy looked back at him, curios about his verbal surprise.
He looked at her.
No he looked IN her.
A dim white light seemed to glow inside of her, like he was looking at an orb of fluctuating brightness.
The trees lit up into arching masses of life energy, pulsing like veins of blood, drawing from the heart of the dirt.
Streaks of light intertwined in the air, like wisp of smoke.
The sensory overload was not near as bad as the creator code that had infected his vison, but it was disturbing enough that he chose to turn it off only a few seconds in.
Alex was met with Stacy, hands up in a fighters stance, ready to trounce him. He was probaly going to die now.
After hearing sad saps arrival story, and being enlightened on the fact that he knew basically nothing about the past 3 days, She decided that it was time to go find a river to wash up the filth and to stretch out her new skin.
Some time passed and Alex followed her like a dog, which was a appreciated because she was still fuming from having to be an escort for this man-child.
After she heard him audibly gasp in surprise, Stacy looked back in curiosity and saw blank white glowing eyes stare back.
At first it didn't register that his eyes had changed, but after a second or two, she stopped in her tracks and readied herself for a fight.
Who would walk behind you with glowing eyes, especially in a magic world, if they weren't about to scrap?
A few baited breathes later and his eyes flicked back to normal, confused evident from his shocked face at seeing her turned toward him.
"What the jolly fuck was that?", She questioned the anomaly that almost got him murderized.
He spewed words out faster then a man begging for his life.
A bead of swear dripped down as he did his best to look non threatening. He gave a better explanation after a second of waiting.
"I-I was t-testing a magic ability"
Stacy slowly relaxed, remembering that his status had changed when he had woken up the first time, mostly him pumping numbers into insight.
He probably had an abundant amount of magical capability. Having now realized that, she was only slightly frustrated by her lack of hindsight.
She turned back and started walking again, her magically proficient tag along a few feet behind her.
The rest of the walk was mute and after a few hundred more steps the sound of flowing water soon filled their ears.
In a parting in the forest, a shallow stream ran through, the water slow moving and clear.
The banks where muddy and clay like, but it didn't bother her one bit.
She reached down and started the process of rubbing away the feeling of having regrown her outer layer of skin.
After almost getting his throat torn out by the murderous woman, they came upon a river of crystalline water, the mud under his feet was better then the ashes of the dead.
She bent down and began cleaning herself, scrubbing away imaginary dirt.
He took a few steps away, hesitant to bathe anywhere near the woman.
Slowly he felt the slightly chilled water run though his fingers and he splashed some off it onto his chest, casually trying to scrub Ohri remains.
The blue (now purple) blood flaked off bit by bit, and seemed to melt away after a few minutes of furious scrubbing.
He now realized just how dirty he was, seeing his reflection be clouded by the violet liquids.
Alex felt fresher by every passing second, only to be reminded of where he had acquired his viscera.
His stomach growled in response to a slight dry heave.
He hadn't eaten anything since he got here and has already cleared the contents once before.
He had previously been kept alive by pumping his might points, but increasing health only went so far to keep his body content in its starving state.
He calmed down from the flashes of destruction. He shouldn't feel this bad about this. They had wanted to kill him, MORE then once. He had only responded in kind. They where faceless telepathic super humans, that could kill him in less then a second. He had been reborn into this word and wished death upon them, and yet he still remember the family's crushed into piles of mush and the children he had killed by hand.
Alex finished his cleaning and looked to see his companion, watching him with eyes made of malice and rage.
For the first time since he met her, he was less scared and more in awe.
She had been here long before him, evident by her responses eelier
She had been living in a world that did nothing then try to kill her many times over.
How did she do it?
After a nice and thorough washing, she watched Alex wash away the life juice that dried on his skin.
His face was a somber expression of thought. He was probably regretting his actions since getting to LuiK.
It made sense.
He was obviously out of his element, a nervous wreck of a man, sent to go slaughter the inhabitant of a playground world, that would fuck up any sane person.
Not her of course.
She enjoyed it, but she could see the other side of the fence he was living on.
Alexander seemed to finish and pause to stare down at his less then adequate reflection and looked up to meet her eyes in the moonlight.
It honesty felt like a Hollywood moment as they watched each other in the darkness.
The awkward not speaking relationship they had fostered had broken when he took the initiative to talk.
"How long have you been here?"
His voice was somber, almost dead, quiet.
Stacy decided that he probably needed some answers.
"Only seven months"
He flinched slightly at time.
He looked back at the floating giblets of people he washed off.
"What is this place called?"
"Planets called LuiK"
Stacy was surprised Azarith really gave him no information about this place.
The again that's just the way she would do stuff.
She looked own at herself and remember something that now seemed vitally important.
She turned back toward the woods.
'Trail finder'
A small map appeared in her face, like a partially opaque mini map, and found the marked location a few miles away from them. The pretender had marked it a while back, having been the pace she had acquired her amour.
Alex stood and walked up behind her, not capable of sharing the map.
A brisk walking pace would get them there before sun up, and seeing as Alex only had 28 might, the pace would be slightly slower.
Off to go and grave robbing for some new clothes, she started her trek with Alex in tow.
It felt the disturbance.
Like a larger then normal wave crashing onto the beach side.
It was frustated.
It had only just began resting in it newly made home, such a disturbance was something that it was forced to deal with.
Its physical form is often know as 'indescribable' and has been often used as depiction for things like 'God' or 'Angles'.
So most of the time 'It' did its best to let the creations run themselves.
No need for It's interference.
It's reflections, smaller shards of his embodiment, chose to closely watch and interfere as they wished.
It warped to the dimensional source, crossing the infinity to meet with the 'brother' responsible
He hadn't been expecting It's arrival and spoke though the Code, sending apologies and excuses.
As much as It felt nagged by the disturbance, It was glad to see It's brother again.
It considered all of the higher celestials as brothers and sisters even though they had all been birthed from It.
In all reality they mostly took to calling It, Father.
Some even went as far as to invoke titles like 'Creator' or 'Supreme being'.
It chose to refer to Itself as 'One' most of the time.
One inquired to Sky about the fracture in the LuiK area.
Sky was nervous and sent One an explanation.
In the simplest terms, Sky had given something to a mortal, that the mortal should have.
It was comparable to soiling your pants.
A cleanable but annoying to deal with inconvenience.
Like a begrudging old man, One opened the system and using his rights as 'Creator' he tore out the mess.
Skill: Sky Knight.
Skill: Flaming Dragon sprint.
One splayed out the contents.
One found 'Dragon', 0.122222222222222222222222290 seconds later.
One questioned the 'Game Master'.
Dragon admitted to giving away an unauthorized power.
One accepted the apologies provided and redacted the powers.
It began to travel back to its tailored made home, when It noticed another fault.
Its been a while since One had been around here so It was not well versed in recent events.
There where three different parts to any dimension, like a three story building.
The base is built off the Nowhere, Game Masters home.
The mortal realm, where organic life and material existence lived.
And the Abyss, the place where nothing existence, like a void.
With each Mortal realm, smaller realms where made, mostly for the little Gods to play with.
The Nowhere was the place where One and most of It's reflections stayed, inhabitable to most mortal souls.
The Abyss was like a pocket you never expected to have in your cargo pants. You never knew you had that extra pocket unless you double checked it.
The only problem was that the abyss was FILLED.
As in no longer empty.
As in your cargo pants had an extra pocket filled with slugs you just now noticed.
Since the beginning of time, nothing ever lived inside the Abyss.
It was like the disposal bin.
Thing could go in.
But never go out.
Upon entrance material objects and even souls died on the cellular and molecule level of existence.
One looked and saw the cause.
A fledging God now had reign over that realm.
One paused for seconds.
He wouldn't interfere, but it sure was interesting that a New God as born to fill the Abyss.
How odd.
It traveled home without much else to do.
The Maker of the universe had looked at her.
That shit was scary.
What do you do when the Creator of Everything LINGERS on your domain?
Absolutely nothing.
A panic attack had started when she saw It.
And then It saw her.
It was like staring into the Ocean and having a leviathan stare back from just below the surface
The terror of that moment could never be forgotten.
Her metaphysical body shuddered at the thought of ever having to meet the Creator.
In a poor attempt to take her mind of things, she flipped up multiple screens to see what her avatars where up to now.
Apparently clothing was now a purgative.
They had recently learned that where extremely different, one being only slightly mentally unstable and the other being the whole damn asylum.
Alex was learning magick and Stacy didn't entirely hate him.
This adventure was interesting.
The two of them where shaking things up, to the point where even the Supreme being was called down to course correct the events.
The Goddess did her best to relax and munch on some popcorn as she watched.
Oh wait.
A finger snap later and there lives where only little bit harder.
*Curse of the Damned (Active)
Sorry for the delay
Low energy and motivation, tough days at work and bullshit daily life got me down.
I hope yall didn't forget me.
Well I'll try to do multiple a week or once a week if you don't mind.
Catch you later.
I'll probably edit as I seem fit for the earlier chapters, mostly just to add detail and to flesh stuff out. And Applying what I've learned as a writer
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2021.09.20 01:34 iMissLayups [S] [USA-VA] Nikon D750 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8G, GoPro Hero 8 Black

Hi! I'm switching to a Canon mirrorless camera and no longer need the D750. I'm also selling the Nikkor 50mm 1.8G lens along with it. The shutter count on the camera is 10,314. Functionality wise it's in perfect condition.
$700 shipped for it all.
Also for sale is a GoPro Hero 8 black. The previous owner used it for swimming and there's a few scuffs on the front display but functionality wise it works perfectly.
$180 shipped.
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2021.09.20 01:34 Jenn_There_Done_That Teenagers go to an antivax rally and get thrown out because they are suspected to be communists

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2021.09.20 01:34 ielksusnarf I'm quitting LTTP out of frustration

I had never played a Zelda game in my life so I decided to get started with this game. It's clearly a great game, even a masterpiece considering it was released 30 years ago and I can see from playing how influentil it's been in games released later on. However, I ended up retiring pretty near the end. I beat almost any game I play, it has to be awful for me to quit, but this is the first time I dump a game I honestly like out of frustration. Two main reasons here:

  1. It requires a guide, walkthrough or some sort of help unless you want to put 50+ hours on beating this game which, honestly, I don't think it's worth it. And I hate having to use guides, I feel like it kills the magic.
  2. You need certain items to carry on with the story, and these items are treated like they were optional items. This is what happened to me: I get to Turtle Rock, it's not the hardest dungeon so far and after a while I manage to get to the final boss and... I can't beat the boss because I don't have the stupid ice rod (and I don't have the rod because I try to play without a guide as much as I can). Now, the only solution would be dying, get out of the dungeon, look for the rod somewhere near the lake, consulting a guide eventually, refill my supplies (fairies and stuff like that), get to the dungeon which isn't the most accessible place in the world, get through it again and kill, oh yes, an otherwise super easy boss.
Probably it was a mistake to get started with LTTP, I don't know, I really hope I'll found the next Zelda game I play more enjoyable.
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2021.09.20 01:34 reillynotriley INTO THE MIST: ONE NIGHT ONLY

The mist is rolling in once again. I'm popping in to give another update about INTO THE MIST -- an immersive show that ran online/on Zoom this past spring. I was involved with the online production, and we were all set to open our live show in Chicago (in person!) this past month until Miss Delta Variant made us change our plans! So we're doing a ONE NIGHT ONLY online show this Friday, September 24th @ 7pm PT/ 9pm EST.
We're so excited to bring this show to life again and add some new surprises/faces! Tickets and info are on our website:
We hope to see you there!
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2021.09.20 01:34 MadisonTH1 I've been thinking about streaming

I'm 23F and I've never streamed before. I've been thinking for a while about starting a YouTube channel. Gaming has been a hobby of mine since I was 6 I'm a big fan of console games but was mostly going to play all the Zelda games. I was wondering if I can get some advice about setting up. And honestly do people prefer male gamers over female when it comes to watching YouTube videos?
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2021.09.20 01:34 Key-Papaya-7429 new milestone

Very proud to say that the first song I learned on bass by ear and without a bass tab was She's Got A New Disguise. There isn't any bass tab online for it, so I did it myself and it's actually really really easy, in sure it's not 100% accurate since it's my first time trying this. But if anyone would like to know the bass tab let me know and I'll post it on the subreddit
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2021.09.20 01:34 petite--bourgeoisie Had a win today

I'm an adult woman and I live with my boyfriend. This weekend I took a road trip with my parents to see my little sister at her college. We're driving back home today.
Last night my boyfriend offered to pick me up from my parents house so my parents wouldn't have to drop me off in the city. He also said there would be dinner cooked and ready. I was so excited and felt loved!
So today when we're about three hours from home, my boyfriend texts me that he's not feeling very well, and could I get a ride home instead? Well, I started splitting. I was googling how to break up with a partner you live with, spiraling in my head and feeling so disappointed. But I didn't freak out. I took a walk at a rest stop. Recognized that this wasn't an emergency or rejection. Realized that I didn't want to start a fight on a Sunday night after we've been apart. I waited until the panic passed and chose to be kind and accommodating. My parents are happy to give me a ride, and my boyfriend is still making dinner for me at home as we speak. I feel really proud of myself for avoiding a totally unnecessary meltdown for my sake and his too. Just thought I'd share a success story!! 🥰
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2021.09.20 01:34 Prxjected what’s a song from some of the newer projects you’d like to see a genius interview for?

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