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Beatsaber fix for Pimax Headsets

2021.09.20 01:13 guppyexpress Beatsaber fix for Pimax Headsets

I got tired of playing beatsaber with Parallel Projections/ cross eyed lighting. so may I present to you!
This mod Fixes beatsaber’s lighting for all Pimax users, This allows you to have non cross eyed vision without Parallel Projections!
GitHub Release:
just thought i should post it here to help everyone out!
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2021.09.20 01:13 Adventurous-Bat-2845 good legit server

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2021.09.20 01:13 camilo12287 O jornal público e a SONAE

Segundo algumas fontes a SONAE já perdeu mais de 100 milhões de euros com o jornal público. Ano após ano, sempre com prejuízo, sempre a gastar dinheiro com esse jornal, sem nenhum retorno visível.
Porque o faz?
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2021.09.20 01:13 kingace22 how would cyborg or batman react to someone who wanted to be turned into a cyborg to gain power after being traumatized and asked them to turn them into a cyborg. ( for batman lets say he adopted the kid but maybe he wasnt as athletic as the others )

how would cyborg or batman react to someone who wanted to be turned into a cyborg to gain power after being traumatized and asked them to turn them into a cyborg. ( for batman lets say he adopted the kid but maybe he wasnt as athletic as the others ) submitted by kingace22 to teentitans [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 01:13 toxicvegeta08 If you had to fire(couldn't qrestle anymore) or release a new day member which would it be

View Poll
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2021.09.20 01:13 JarJarNudes I really wanna do it, you guys.

My flirting with getting a bike has slowly turned into a serious intention to get myself one next spring. join a course at the same time - see if I like it. And I really hope I do, cause I wanna do it so bad...
My biggest fear right now is that I'll do one loop across the training field and just hate it, never wanting to ride again.
I'll return home and confess that motorcycles weren't for me at all and my entire family will rejoice.
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2021.09.20 01:13 Sinner72 The AntiChrist, the Number of the Beast and the Mark of the Beast

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2021.09.20 01:13 HorusVonBonk Survivor tips for new player?

I've been able to loop some killers for a small amount of time, but outside of pallets and vaults I can never properly evade the killer. I play with usually 1-2 people if that matters at all
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2021.09.20 01:13 Tomas-T Eurovision battle: 2020 vs 2021

Eurovision 2020 will always be remembered as the Eurovision that never was. black year with no winner but full of good songs that never got the chance to be on the biggest stage. I decided to write here a post about my favorite song from each country to see what Eurovision is better. 2021 or 2020. since we never got the 2020 show I can compers only the songs without staging unless there was a national final performance
keep in mind that this is my personal opinion only and if you disagree with me sometimes, it's fine. and just because a song lost to another one does not mean I dislike it, but I just prefer the other song and I have to pick a winner.
Albania: This is tricky a little because I prefer Shaj over Karma. but I prefer Karma over Fall from the sky. but since FFTK is the version that was supposed to be in Eurovision, Karma wins. I love both songs but Karma manages to bring the Albanian magic that was in Jonida's song.
Australia: while Technicolor grew on me a little, I still think that Don't break me is the better song. Technicolor is lack what made Montagine unique. yes the clown thing is not the best but I still think it's much better
Austria: Alive Again takes for me. yes, both songs are kinda cliche but I think that Alive Again gets the attitude that makes you want to dance and it is stuck in your head. Amen is just... Kobi Marimi but with more style
Azerbaijan: it was really hard to decide because I love both songs (like 90% of the Azeri entries). but eventually, my points go to Cleopatra. I think that Efendi sounds better with softer singing. in Mata, Hari Efendi was kinda loud at a time which is fitting for the song. but after hearing other songs from Efendi, I think softer singing is better for her.
Belarus: ok guys of course Da Vedna. even if "I teach you" wasn't a political song, it is still a bad song. and to be honest, I love the drop of Da Veena
Belgium: Release me just begin to grow on me. I think this is a beautiful ballad. but eventually The Wrong Place is the winner for me. it has the final polish that I think Reelese me needed. also, this song gives honor to "mad about you" days without being copy-paste.
Bulgaria: another hard battle of songs that I like both. but Tears Getting Sober is the winner for me. it's magical and unique. GUIGO is good too but not as TGS. there is a reason why TGS is the closest thing we have to a winner for this year
Croatia: the song from 2020 is growing on me. but with ticktock Croatia proves that they can try something new that is not usual for them and I fully appreciate it and I hope more countries will do the same
Cyprus: while El Diablo can be seen as a Lady Gaga copycat, it is still better than Running. not throwing shade on Sandro but Running sounds like a song that you hear when your mother dragging you to a clothing store and you are stuck there while she trying new clothes all the time. radio/clothing store friendly but I have no idea how it could be on stage.
Czech Republic: the revamp messes again. while I reached the point that I tolerate Kemama, the revamp arrived and ruined everything. so Omega wins (Still the live version of Kemama is better)
Denmark: the song from 2021 grow on me as well. but I don't think that any song from the Danish selection can be compared to YES which is my second favorite song from Denmark. I hope the broadcasting network won't screw up and let Ben and Tan compete next year.
Estonia: both songs are not a huge hit. but the lucky one is better for me because there is something that annoyed me in "love"
Finland: what a huge difference between the years. calm and boring ballad to cool rock song. so Dark side takes the battle
France: "Best In Me", for me, is the worst song from 2020. meanwhile, Voila is my favorite entry from France. os, of course, Voila
Georgia: Tornike did the reverse of Finland. replaced the cool rock song with a boring ballad. The way I am is unique and special while you... not so much.
Germany: I said it before and I'm saying it again: I don't like "I don't feel hate". I understand why some people love it, but not me. but Violent Thing is a cool song and refreshing after years of bad placements.
Greece: "Supergirl" is a nice song and worth the grand final for me. but I think that "last dance" really took Stefania and knew how to reach her full potential. I think that out of all the returning artists, "Last Dance" is the best (along with another song)
Iceland: I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but I don't like both of the songs. so let's go with 10 years for the simple reason I think Dadi looks better with shorter hair...
Ireland: Maps is more unique on one hand, but on the other hand I think Story of my life is better. still, both songs are songs that I don't care so much about. but SOML just got a better beat.
Israel: at first I was really upset that "Set Me Free" was selected but then the revamp came and improved the song so much with Eden's personal touch and today I really love this. but I think nothing can beat Feker Libi. such a unique song that really feels like was written especially for Eden.
Italy: another hard battle to choose. but ZITTI E BUONI is still the winner. Maneskin is great and did an amazing job. and now I hope that Diodato will compete in Sanremo 2022 and win.
Latvia: I kinda feel bad for Samanta. she tries so many times and when she won the Eurovision is canceled and then she is going again and miss the finale. but "the moon is rising" is not that good and the "eh eh eh eh" at the beginning is driving me crazy. meanwhile Still Breathing is something special. weird at first but you learn to love it.
Lithuania: the roop vs the roop. both are great songs. but with my hand on my heart On Fire is the winner. On Fire was simple and minimalistic. "discotheque" is a great song but it lacks the minimalism of on fire. but I have to say that I prefer the yellow outfit over the Drew Barrymore sweater (but the black jumpsuit from the semi is the best)
Malta: both great songs from Destiny. while "Je Me Case" was the most popular for the longest time, All OF My Love is the better one for me. it uses Destiny's amazing voice much better. In fact, "All Of My Love" is my personal winner for 2020.
Moldova: the most unpopular opinion here: I prefer Prison over Sugar. I don't know why. at some point Sugar really began to annoy me while Prison grows on me.
North Macedonia: one of the biggest differences of the same artist. in 2020 it was a dark and sexy pop song while in 2021 it was an emotional ballad. however, Dance with you is superior for me while he was one of the weakest entries this year. at least we finally got our Dotterdam
Norway: "Fallen Angel" is a song that grew on me a lot. I still think that there could be better entry from Norway but Tix did a great job. still, Attention is one of my favorite from 2020. while Ulrikke made it simple, she gave all of herself.
Poland: NQ is Poland's karma for ignoring Alicja. Empires are the best Polish entry (alongside their debut song) and it's such a shame that the network just ignored her and they send "the ride". Empires wins for me
Portugal: both songs were not songs that I care about so much. so I needed to listen to them again. I still do not care so much about them. but I liked Medo de Sentir a little bit better
Romania: another hard battle of two songs from the same genre and similar vibes (same as Azerbaijan and Bulgaria) and after a lot of thinking my winner is Alcohol You. the reason is that In the revamped version, the one that was gonna be in Eurovision, there is the climax at the end that gives much more to the song. and of course, the bad live performances of Amnesia play a role in my opinion
Russia: most of my opinions about 2020 vs 2021 did not change after the show. but with Russia the major change. before I preferred Uno. now I still love Uno but Russian Woman grew on me so well and now I think it's Russia's best entry ever. good job Manizah
San Marino: "Freaky" was a flop from the beginning. It is nice at first but I got tired from it too early. and this year San Marino surprised us with "Adrenalina" and Flo Rida and gave great entry that serves its purpose. Still shocked that this is not San Marino's best placement.
Serbia: in the section of Greece I mentioned that there is another song of a returning artist that is one of the greatest of the returning artists. I was talking about Loco Loco. "Hasta la vista" is great but I really think Loco Loco managed to reach the full potential of Hurricane. the song is super catchy and fun. and the girls set the stage on fire! good job Serbia.
Slovenia: Ana is a very talented singer and she has an amazing voice. still, this voice was not enough. out of the two songs, I think that Amen is the better one. I don't know why.
Spain: I think people underrated Universo too much. I really love this entry and I think Blas could get a decent placement with great staging. the song from 2021 is fine but kinda bland. Universo all the way
Sweden - I never liked Voices and I think that if there was a year that Sweden did not deserve to go to the final, it's this year. The song is not that bad but it feels so underwhelming. meanwhile Move was a really unique entry that get outside the box of "hot pop singer with the generic pop song". the Mamas brought the gospel to Eurovision and it was catchy and it really makes me smile anytime I listen to it
Switzerland - while it seems most of the eurofans prefer "tout l'univers", my hearts still belongs to repondez moi. please don't get me wrong I like both songs. but the 2020 entry was exactly on point. everything was made with perfection. the 2021 entry feels like Gjon realized that the 2020 song worked very well and he did too much for 2021 and the song feels too much dramatic. so my choice is repondez moi.
Ukraine - the most difficult choice because both Solovey and Shum are masterpieces and it was so hard to choose. so I listen to both of them back to back something like three times just to decide. and eventually, I choose one: Solovey. I don't know why. just prefer this very slightly over Shum. still hard choice
United Kingdom - for a while I prefer Embers. but now it grew off me. so now by diffult the choice is My Last Breath.
so let's see:
without counting Belarus. 2020 wins with 24 points
2021 finished with 15 points.
out of all the 26 returning artists, only 8 returned with a better song than the one from 2020 while the other 18 artists, their better song was the ones from 2020
as for the countries that sent new artists for 2021, 7 of them sent better entries. while only 6 had better entries in 2020
I enjoyed very much from 2021 show. it was great. but by the end of the day, I still think 2020 is the better year and wasted opportunity to get an amazing year.
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2021.09.20 01:13 UnusedHandshake Tested and has proved worthy and it's trusted! Fullyy scaled

Tested and has proved worthy and it's trusted! Fullyy scaled
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2021.09.20 01:13 Ooudhi_Fyooms Map projections having been let go somewhat awry. These are the results of 'tweaking' the transformations by as little as the value of some single parameter or some other single 'small' detail in the transformation equations, & just seeing what comes-up.

Map projections having been let go somewhat awry. These are the results of 'tweaking' the transformations by as little as the value of some single parameter or some other single 'small' detail in the transformation equations, & just seeing what comes-up. submitted by Ooudhi_Fyooms to MapPorn [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 01:13 rasasasasa Im wasted what the fuck is this?

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2021.09.20 01:13 kiki7865 Survey on Student Mindset and Happiness

Hey y’all!
If you have some free time, I’d appreciate you taking my student survey for Psych 2303! The link is below and it won’t take you more than 5-8 minutes!
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2021.09.20 01:13 Miserable_Aspect2431 From Morocco

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2021.09.20 01:13 dannyalaska This fox in my neighbors yard hangs out and poses like their fox statue

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2021.09.20 01:13 Astronomy_Major Onion minted breath: most effective condom ever ;-)

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2021.09.20 01:13 FunkyCubano Plant my roommate got me from a ren fair witch. Anyone know what it is?

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2021.09.20 01:13 DinoMike02 Iron deficiency... bit worse

19M, 5'7 (170cm), 117lbs.
I've been dealing with this for a very long time, since I was little. My parents never noticed because it was rare enough for me to have an episode that it never happened infront of them. I always assumed it was iron deficiency, because people with this condition would make jokes about losing their ability to stand and fall over when they stand up too fast. I was talking with a friend who actually had to deal with iron defieiency, and when I told them my story, they freaked out and said I gotta get checked cause its not iron deficiency, and is likely much more dangerous, because appearamtly iron deficiency just causes intense dizziness. Which makes sense, because no matter how much iron I would take in, id still have episodes every now and again.
My episodes always start with a migraine. Ive got autism (actually diagnosed for this one, dont worry) which makes it easier for my to get migraines when I'm over stimulated. It's not often, since I know when to remove myself from a potentially overestimating situation, but it happens every now and again. Id say once every 3-6 months. Standing up to fast can also give me a migraine.
After the migraine kicks in, I get incredibly dizzy, my eyesight and hearing go out, until in either completely blind and deaf, or everything is muffled and very dark and blurry. My senses will stay like this until my episode is over. My arms and legs also start spasming. Not super bad.. but bad enough that I'm too shakey to get back up. Its not a seizure, im completely conscious during this. Ive also experienced this countless times with no help. And to the best of my knowledge, seizures are supposed to be possibly lethal without immediate medical help.
I want to figure out what this could possibly be so I can ask my doctor to run some tests for those specific conditions. Rather then wasting their time trying to figure out what it could be out of all the possible conditions.
Any help and suggestions on what it could be will be very appreciated, thank you.
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2021.09.20 01:13 SupriseOnion Who can relate?

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2021.09.20 01:13 astralrocker2001 Crossroads or Crossworlds: Reptilian Horror underground in Utah.

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2021.09.20 01:13 Warrior_of_the_flame Ok Guys Seriously.

I know some of you may not have liked u/MeltheEbnyGirl, but you guys literally bullied her out of the sub. That's not funny, that's just downright cruel. I want this sub to be a fun place, and it's fine to make of someone, but guys, constant bulling on a person can be seriously damaging, even if just on the internet. I know I'll probably be unpopular for this post, but come on guys, this is just shitty behavior. There's a line between joking and seriously hurting somebody, and I hope no one ever crosses that line again in this sub. We already talk about pretty controversial and real world topics, we don't need to make anyone feel any worse then they probably already do after most debates. Seriously, this sub should be fun, should be a nice way to goof off and pretend we're politicians when were all really just dumbasses, but this sub shouldn't be a space where people are bullied and forced to leave. Ok, that's all I gotta say. Downvote if you want, it needed to be said.
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2021.09.20 01:13 APrettyBadDM Whats a soda that tastes like something else?

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2021.09.20 01:13 AnnaFirefly Really sorry for the lighting but I framed my baby’s shed to put on my reptile shelves ❤️

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2021.09.20 01:13 ComfortableClothes27 Looking for a few good friends, I am a Hong Kong woman, I usually use whatsapp, I am 32 years old, hope to meet friends older than myself

Hi everyone, I'm from Hong Kong and now I'm in the US. I've been here for seven years, but it's not easy for me to meet some American friends because my English is not very good.

I am very friendly and outgoing.

I have been to many places in the US, but the epidemic stopped me.

I hope there will be more opportunities in the future.

If someone can get together, we can build a deeper friendship.

Send me a message.
I usually use whatsapp
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2021.09.20 01:13 Adventurous-Sun-8029 Hell probably doesn’t exist

I don’t think hell exist for many reasons: 1: Hell isn’t in the Old Testament. You might be thinking, how does that disprove hell? I will get into that in a minute.
2: God wouldn’t be stupid enough to 70-90% of the population to hell.
3: I think Hell was created by Europeans to scare people into Christianity. That probably help those people spread Christianity by colonization. So they edit the Bible many times since it’s not in the Old Testament
4: If someone murder multiple people, you guys would most likely say that he goes to hell right? No, just because he murder people doesn’t mean we was the cause. Him murdering people is an effect. But what’s the cause? Well let’s pretend if the cause was his father was abused him. Then so his father goes hell for abusing him which gave him bad emotions to murder people? No. Because who knows, maybe the father father abused him as well. Then it’s just keeps going and going.
5: Satan doesn’t exist because If God send him to hell wouldn’t he be burning in hell as well? Why he is the only one chilling in Hell? And what the heck is the point of Satan? Satan literally doesn’t have to do anything. People saying stuff like Satan would laugh at you. Yeah and so? I would be worry more about me burning then Satan laughing at me.
Other unrelated point: Some Christians say that God doesn’t send you hell, you choose to go to hell. But who created hell? It’s God.
I’m looking forward for everyone feedback to this topic.
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