When does a special interest become special?

2021.09.20 01:47 namecatjerry When does a special interest become special?

I see a lot of posts about special interests but to me, most of them seem like normal interests! Is it an obsession that makes them "special"? Is it a skill? Lots of people have different hobbies and interests that they are passionate about but I don't know when those things cross the line of being special.
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2021.09.20 01:47 97longdongsilvers97 Spotted in Houston,Texas. WE OUT HERE

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2021.09.20 01:47 AdDense9858 Cheap high-FPS airsoft pistol?

Anyone know and airsoft pistol for cheap (at least under $100) that can shoot around 500+ fps possibly full auto if i could ever get that lucky? Just need something cheap but reliable all suggestions welcome.
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2021.09.20 01:47 Delaweiser Readout from today's Cars & Coffee with the LV and Canoo team

I just got back home (DC area) from the Bridgehampton Cars & Coffee event, which Canoo attended. I stayed the whole time, spoke with all the staff, and got as many details as possible. Bottom line up front - It was all positive and I'm more bullish than ever! Thanks to the Canooers on the Discord who chipped in for my trip! LEet's dive right into the highlights!

LV walk around / detail video: https://imgur.com/a/vxMD4J1
Event photo gallery: https://imgur.com/a/8HeCIjp
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2021.09.20 01:47 TrippyDicky42 When I decrypt a pgp it says this... PLEASE HELP

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2021.09.20 01:47 ResistbotLive Upcoming Resistbot Live topic: SSDI and #DemolishDisabledPoverty, starting with the first show, 9/26 at 1pm Eastern

We'll be discussing this popular petition from the Resist.bot petitions section.
Do you have insight into this issue? We'd love to hear your perspectives.
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2021.09.20 01:47 Yaoi_MakesMe_Cum Just discovered "objectophilia" exists

basically it is the sexual and sentimental attraction towards objects
lol what
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2021.09.20 01:47 final_v1 Who can spot what’s wrong with this picture?

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2021.09.20 01:47 ultrasheerer whats a good method of carrying a electric skateboard

what is a good method of carrying a electric skateboard in general I would mostly have issues carrying around a 20 pound electric skateboard between class and can't find a good way to carry it without buying a whole nother bookback for it.
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2021.09.20 01:47 PaperPlane36 Some 11th gen love

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2021.09.20 01:47 SnooShortcuts2686 Shrew correspondences - found in a friends home?

So a dear friend of mine had a SHREW (yes a shrew)get in her house. Not a mouse & her cats discovered it. She rescued & released it.
I’ve done a basic Google search to get some basic symbolisms and correspondences. Wondering if anyone had any mystical/occult/folklore knowledge around these cuties?
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2021.09.20 01:47 TheatrePotato Is this sub really that bad?

Just saw a post in askmen where they were doing an AMA for straight men who would like to ask gay people questions. The mod commented that if they would like to ask more questions they should go to this subreddit, but then someone said that this sub is transphobic and replaced the link with askgaymen while crossing out askgaybros.
Honestly, I'm kinda confused, I never thought of the sub to be that bad, sure there are transphobic posts in this sub but that's only because the sub is mostly unmoderated. There are hundreds of thousands of posts in this sub so if you want to look for transphobia you will find it. But at the same time there are really good posts here about supporting each other. I dunno I could just be biased since I've been lurking in this sub for 3 years now
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2021.09.20 01:47 hello_kitty_mug I feel so gender dysphoric and plain gross cuz a guy at the house told me I was showing way too much by wearing that bikini yesterday

I want to fucking kill myself
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2021.09.20 01:47 Choice-Ad-4457 $BnbExpress 🚆 | Just Launched| BNB 8% Rewards Every 1 Hours | FairLaunch | AD Campaign running | Community Driven | Huge Potential

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2021.09.20 01:47 lLucifer6 A cock tribute for this fuckin nasty bitch Leticia Shirayuki

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2021.09.20 01:47 Opening-Ad-3642 I like honestly give up on Fashion contests

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2021.09.20 01:47 Rea_Sunshine13 tiny bois

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2021.09.20 01:47 Kunxai Dose anyone what its worth and why i cant find it on the trade checker

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2021.09.20 01:47 NoBumpsInTheNight Coors Banquet for Dinner

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2021.09.20 01:47 seth270_ Chronic Insomnia Treatment

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Drug usage: medical marijuana for anxiety
Nationally: White
Hi! I always have suffered from Chronic Insomnia due to anxiety.
I have not gone to my doctor but plan to very soon to discuss treatment options.
I understand treatment includes medicine & CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
As an adult patient, I would prefer a “take as needed medicine” as my insomnia isn't every day, but frequent.
I would best describe my insomnia due to racing thoughts/anxiety of present or future events. At points, I can stay awake for hours of a time just anxiously thinking.
Would a doctor fulfill this request? I dont like to sound close-minded toward medical treatment but know a “when needed” medicine would work best for me.
Any thoughts?? Thank you, guys!
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2021.09.20 01:47 Mincat1326 Cats will take over pegasus, Pegasus=Pegacat (this is my friend’s cat, rate him)

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2021.09.20 01:47 Funny-Ad-8370 MIR4 Quest | Poisoned Attraction Procure Yellow Herb

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2021.09.20 01:47 shreyanshg19 ...

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2021.09.20 01:47 American_Fascist713 Alexa

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