Can Stasis Weapon effects trigger Focusing Lens?

2021.09.20 02:03 ravensteel539 Can Stasis Weapon effects trigger Focusing Lens?

I’m theory-crafting some solo builds, and I’m curious to know if anyone’s tried a solo Focusing Lens build with a Well of Radiance, Celestial Golden Gun, or other light super for damage, but using weapons like Salvation’s Grip, Cryosthesia, or the new trace rifle to either freeze or slow the target.
Does this weapon debuff work in place of a stasis-subclass teammate, and is this viable? I know that the Scepter and Cryosthesia both require a kill beforehand, and any exotic precludes use of solid DPS exotics, but would the setup be worth it in order to self-debuff for a light super?
I also don’t know how this would compare numerically to trying to Celestial Golden Gun your own divinity bubble (possible with tight timing) or using your super on something debuffed by Tractor Canon. Can someone with the numbers on this provide some context for me?
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2021.09.20 02:03 paverdeto Karla Melo IG

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2021.09.20 02:03 C_fineman Orange color study. Any feedback or critique is appreciated!

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2021.09.20 02:03 librarianinfomaven Question about mileage in between races.

I ran a 50k race last weekend in which I DNFed at mile 22. I have a marathon October 23rd, with essentially 5 weeks between the races. I can’t figure out what mileage I should do between the races. Do I keep it low or should I do another 20 miler? Any advice would be appreciated.
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2021.09.20 02:03 alpatris333 Absolutely the worst community out of any video game I’ve ever played.

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2021.09.20 02:03 Routine_Palpitation Describe the entire series, one book per sentance (or three sentences)

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2021.09.20 02:03 MatheAM2004 Only good pop songs ;)

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2021.09.20 02:03 Soley70N Weekend Challenge Fun : Surprise, I’m team Apple 🍎 (ok, and I love pumpkin) 🧡

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2021.09.20 02:03 Akeemyo Who’s going to the Concerts?

Locked down my tickets for ATL, hope Covid doesn’t ruin things. Also I hope he performs Pull Up… imma spazz
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2021.09.20 02:03 Helpful_Painting_783 here ya go

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2021.09.20 02:03 gnramires An Alternative to Anti-Cheat (and much more)

An Alternative to Anti-Cheat (and much more) -- Giving Enclaves another chance
I think I've found a worthwhile alternative to software anti-cheat (that also would work well on Linux, without privacy, freedom or security concerns)
I've played games since my early childhood. At some point in time, bots/cheating started to become a major issue in all online games. For example, an early MMORPG went through an era it almost collapsed (and had to reinvent several core mechanics) to get around cheats and unintended automation. Eventually, they moved to BattleEye and seem to be mostly under control (although the game, called Tibia, was severely altered to make most cheating literally either impossible or built-into the official client).
I've become convinced the best solution would not be a software solution, because it's relatively easy to run your software say in a virtual machine or hide your unintended behavior at a lower, invisible level software abstraction layer. Eventually it ends up needing some kind of kernel-level control and hardware authentication.
The problem is those solutions are quite bad from a privacy perspective. Theoretically, this kind of software could be open-sourced; however, its kernel of operation is difficult even in theory be open sourced because that would reveal detection secrets (unless the detection and authentication is absolutely bulletproof -- I'll leave that as an interesting possibility).
More than that, I've realized some kind of secure enclave in your own computer is something really useful. For example, if you want to rent your hardware to a 3rd party with reasonable guarantees you won't snoop on his activity.
It's not intuitive, but in a way it's a freedom to give up your autonomy to an extent you choose. Like renting a house: you have the freedom to rent away your property, but once you do that you no longer have the keys to access its content. You either request back the property or let the tenant proceed, but you can't snoop his property.
Imagine you could rent out your CPU as a server with reasonably strong privacy guarantees
All of this is possible using a technology called Secure Enclaves/Truted Computing. Intel and a few other manufactures have implemented some of this in Intel SGX. I am not an expert in SGX (have read ), but it seems to fall far short of this potential -- it even seems it's being phased out. SGX is limited to a measly 128mb of memory.
Moreover, this technology is not currently open (AMD has no equivalent).
This is more of a Manifesto calling for developing a more open, more performant, fully fledged Trusted computing platform.
One idea would be to have up to entire secure cores running regular applications, like games and computing tasks.
Some kind of trusted third party needs to control the hardware keys that would make all of this work. This could be left to manufacturers (AMD/Intel/etc.) but I think it'd be far more interesting/beneficial to use 3rd party companies like the Certificate Authority infrastructure. A CA could be responsible for the keys (making the manufacturers less of a single point of failure) which may even audit the manufacturers for proper internal key handling and deletion.
This is essentially a final solution for anti-cheat and computing delegation on all computing platforms, including Linux. There's a leftover space for cheat that uses image capturing and AI, but at this level it's almost impossible to control (beside requiring substantial hardware modification by the cheater). Linux anti-cheat would progress greatly as well.
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2021.09.20 02:03 TheWombatExperience What Fantasy novel's description of a perfectly natural occurrence or attribute has left you the most uncomfortable/astounded/bamboozled and why?

Have you ever been immersed in a book to the point of reaching profound joy and previously-untapped levels of peace only to come across a spot where the author either tried too hard or flew way off into a great spatial abyss in their prose? Even if only for a moment, it can be quite jarring! Here at the Wombat Experience, I try to learn how not to do things in order that I might do other things better. Like all you hardworking individuals. And probably a whole lot of other people, especially those very same writers. I also like free entertainment, if I'm being honest, but this is about slightly more. This is about education!
Fantasy is strange, and that's fantastic *insert obnoxious laugh track* for the genre, but I'm curious if any of you happen to have some wonderful or grotesque lines that you would like to share for the viewing pleasure of whoever stumbles across this. I could use a pick-me-up, and maybe some others could do with the same. Feel free to say why the lines felt out of place too, as this is a multipurpose post of enjoyment and learning. Don't author bash. Having fun and pointing out flaws in an excerpt of a Fantasy work aren't the same as cruelty. Anyways, on to the funny and weird lines! Have at it, you wonderful people.
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2021.09.20 02:03 TakedownEmerald Alternating pictures becomes incredibly dark

Howdy, I've been having some problems with my Nikon D3000. It frequently takes a normal photo and then one really dark picture back to back. This happens about 60% of the time.
At first I thitohgt this was Exposure Bracketing, but it doesn't look like the D3000 has that and I've searched for it in the settings. The problem happens with multiple lenses, ones an old AI lens that I use in manual and the other more modern. I can't seem to narrow it down when it will happen either.
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2021.09.20 02:03 XtremeJovi My baby girl Indi. Only been home 12 hours, but seems to be settling in OK, & already taken a couple of morioworms.

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2021.09.20 02:03 On-Balance It's like a new lease on life!

There is nothing quite like a new bar of soap.
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2021.09.20 02:03 Old-Interest7431 Never saw this event fire for the AI before.

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2021.09.20 02:03 therealcheesetable How often do you workout/exercise?

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2021.09.20 02:03 Proud_Device_7640 How do you get over a date no call/no showing?

We planned to go out today for drinks. He was really excited and made an effort to talk to me a few days ago and I thought it was going well. I texted this morning to confirm, and no response. However he did put a story up on Snapchat. So I went anyway, figuring maybe since we made specific plans that he’d show. He didn’t, so I left and when I got home I saw he made another story right when we were supposed to be meeting. I’m pretty pissed off tbh and can’t help but wonder what did I do? Should I have been texting him the past few days even after we made the date? After we made plans, I just kind of left it at that until the day of since I don’t like texting to get to know someone, I’d rather do it in person. But maybe that was my mistake? If any of you have been in a similar situation, how did you move on and get over it?
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2021.09.20 02:03 Boardstill Went too hard my first time at the gym

I got a YMCA gym membership last week and on the second day I decided to start my workout plan (the beginner dumbbell workout from this sub) and I think I might have used too heavy of weight because for the last three days my arms have been extremely sore every time I have to lift something or move them a certain way. Today finally my left arm is almost normal but my right one still hurts. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's misjudged their strength before, I feel a bit stupid😂
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2021.09.20 02:03 colepex it's been a really realllly long day

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2021.09.20 02:03 nfire1 Can you play 2nd position with a neck holder

Hello I’m a noob! Been playing string instruments most of my days and started messing with harmonica during lockdown. Anyway I have mostly learned second position for bends etc. But I also know a lot of blues guys cup their hands and I would not be able to do that playing guitar with a neck holder. Any wisdom from the sub?? Thank you!
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2021.09.20 02:03 badhabitsl2u My feet deserve your attention

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2021.09.20 02:03 anothertakethat How did a bot get the actual thing?

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2021.09.20 02:03 Ls-Devil Any idea what’s going on with these two plants?

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2021.09.20 02:03 wherearetheturtlesa another quality conversation with my amazing boyfriend

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