Stealing the SECRETS of Yara by hacking satellites in the mission Open Skies... I am hackerman.

2021.10.18 03:57 WhyTheTuck Stealing the SECRETS of Yara by hacking satellites in the mission Open Skies... I am hackerman.

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2021.10.18 03:57 jillopidiboop I call this peice - Untitled_1

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2021.10.18 03:57 wiseman-burner Wiggins: “I definitely think we’re a championship-caliber team.”

With all the pieces we have,” Wiggins said after practice, “I definitely think we’re a championship-caliber team.”
After missing the NBA playoffs in each of the last two seasons, the retooled Warriors are widely considered a top-five team. Only the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have appreciably better betting odds to win the 2022 NBA Finals, and Golden State’s 5-0 preseason moved it fairly even with the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.
“We’ve got some talented young guys, some talented old guys, a good mix of guys,” Wiggins said. “We should be good defensively and we have a bunch of guys who can put the ball in the hoop, so I think it will be a special year for us.”
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2021.10.18 03:57 Equivalent-Bus5422 Does coop work for you?

I'm on PC and I can only play with friends or from Lola's Quick Play. Any other time it will not find me a partner and I can't find anyone to join my world. Also, when I try to add a partner on special operations it says that it is only available in the story mode. Anyone?
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2021.10.18 03:57 TheProfessorOfNames Utah, My girlfriend's mom is getting threatened with eviction

I'm not too sure about specifics, but this whole thing sounds super fishy. My girlfriend's mom, we'll call her Jane, has been living in a duplex home in Rosepark, Utah for about 3 years now. The home was purchased by her former boss and jacked up the rent 500$ from 750$ to 1250$ immediately and insists on being paid in cash. This month Jane got community assistance that was going to pay her rent for 3 months to help her with the increased rent, but the landlord refused it saying "i have to pay taxes on it." Its pretty obvious she wants cash payments to avoid taxes, which is ridiculous. The landlord is now giving her a 3-day eviction notice for failure to pay.
This is crazy illegal right? What should we do?
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2021.10.18 03:57 CardButton The Reasons I'm "Wait and See" on Yamato vs Carrot.

And here's the post that gets me hate, but screw it. I can't help but look at underlying writing of things, and OP is no different. Because of that, If find the argument between these two characters kinda pointless. Especially since we have no real info on how many endgame SHs we might end up with. Just theories that it could either be 11, or 13. Nothing concrete. So we could get one, both, or neither of these two. Even with the way Carrot has been handled this arc, depending on how Oda plays Yamato's resolution with Wano and how Carrot takes her defeat against Pero.

In short, I have no idea what Oda intends to do with these two. I do think the thematic writing around Carrot in Wano is VERY weird if this is all there is to her journey, but beyond that ... only the guy himself knows. I think Yamato does weirdly have several motives/traits that seem to compel her to stay on Wano, even if they are just "Oden". One has the strength, but no clear ship role atm. The other has an easy ship role she could take, but not the proper motive for it atm. And this is the author who pulled the "HISS" on us last chapter ... he can do anything. Thus, its "wait and see".
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2021.10.18 03:57 TheodoreLinux Indian Media Falsely Shared Indian Army Capturing PLA Soldiers was taken from Bollywood movie

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2021.10.18 03:57 Domesticated-Wolf Selling Adopt Me pets for Amazon gift cards(USD) or Venmo. Prices are listed below

I am ONLY looking for Amazon gift cards or Venmo, any other offers will be Ignored
Only accepting offers in dms, dm me if you would like to purchase
Feel free to negotiate prices, the more you spend the bigger discount you will receive.
$25-60 Section:

$5-20 Section:
$4 and below section:
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2021.10.18 03:57 Apprehensive_Show999 No sure what to think of this

My girlfriend keeps having these moments where she thinks I died. Today she had a dream that i passed and she almost cried before realizing it was just a dream. Not too sure what to think of this. If maybe she misses me but I do like the fact that she cares about me in such a way. One time I didn’t answer my phone because i was on a late night jog and she thought something happened to me. She then proceeded to tell me that when those thoughts came she said she had so many things she wanted to tell me and so many things she wanted to do with me in the future. So not sure if maybe she is started to feel like she can’t see a future without me but i do know she cares about me and that she loves me. Not too sure what is going on inside her head though.
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2021.10.18 03:57 Snoo-41382 SPELUNKY THEORY: Genocide Via Meteorite


Aliens Crashed The meteorite, containing the ice caves, Into the
moon in an attempt to kill the Olmites

Hard Evidence:

-The Ice caves in spelunky 2 are probably not from HD, showing us
lots of different things are missing. (Mammoths, Non-Frozen
Cavemen, Piranhas, etc.)
-Journal entre reads: "Life still thrives within the
the frozen core of this giant meteorite."
-Normal yetis don't chase after spelunkers, meaning they probably
aren't familiar with humans
-The Wet Fur cave seems really primitive, meaning yetis can't build
things. The mammoths in the background, Easter island head &
eggplant alter, and other structures probably aren't made by the
-Aliens live in the meteorite and practically run the place.
-Through Journal entrees, we know there were at least two wars
against the aliens and the Olmites.

Why Do the Yetis live along with aliens?

It seems obvious, to me at least, that the yetis are from outer
space. They live on meteors, possibly reminders of their shattered
planet, and drift through the cosmos. The aliens, either using the
yetis as test subjects or using the eternal cold found in the
meteor as the ideal climate for them, live alongside them. This
theory states that during the second war between the aliens and
the Olmites, the aliens hijacked a meteor in hopes of completely
crushing the Omlite capital and send their whole civilization into
a panic. But the Queen overestimated her power and didn't build
enough momentum to make it all the way down to neo Babylon. Now
They sit in a constant war with one another, fighting for
their mother's eternal love.
Also wanted to point out...

Normal Cavemen can be found in ice blocks, which might show that
before being found by the aliens, the yetis battled and killed off most of the cavemen. Its not important, but I wanted to point out the mini-

Any Thoughts, People?
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2021.10.18 03:57 nfinshied_usernam Noo allay what are you doing

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2021.10.18 03:57 ibemini Lqliaa - Nous livrons Generatrice à Lqliaa. Importation pour Lqliaa Maroc #Generatrice #Groupe #Electrogene #GroupeElectrogene #Lqliaa #Maroc

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2021.10.18 03:57 spikeof2010 [Card] Path To Knowledge

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2021.10.18 03:57 NoobiouslyOblivious what.

Somehow my comments on Dani's Karlson devlogs are getting replied in 5 mins I got 3 replies from different comments. Sus
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2021.10.18 03:57 La_Onomatopoeia Day 27 of me, also, posting a pic of my sphynx every day for fall

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2021.10.18 03:57 Boss76610 Un mec pour me faire gicler ?

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2021.10.18 03:57 heralanty gunaydin amk

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2021.10.18 03:57 lilseikosshop [WTS] Mint November 1995 Seiko “SUS” Field Watch [$400 NET]

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2021.10.18 03:57 Dogwood_Dingus The Vortex Beater Is Underrated

"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is a Vortex Beater. Ten millimeter, with over-and-under thirty millimeter fully-semi-auto action grenade launcher."― The Guide when I ask him what Vortex Fragments do...probably
This beautiful weapon of destruction is one of the most satisfying and interesting guns to use in this game. Sure the S.D.M.G. is statistically better in every way, but it lacks several wondrous features that the Vortex Beater has such as the following:
- You can craft it, which causes you the user to instantly fall in love with the weapon and form a deep and personal connection with it. (I call mine sheela.)
- The Beater shoots homing rockets, I dont think I need to explain why this is a neat feature. This big feature gives the phrase "bang for your buck" to new heights! The rocket launcher? More like freedom dispenser!
- The Beater is LOUD. This is how you know it would be a gun that god himself would use to shoot somebody. You are very likely to lose your hearing from the amount of freedom pellets this thing puts out!
- The Vortex Beater is stylish and matches the end game armor. This glorious implement of destruction is basically the terraria version of the M41A Pulse Rifle from the aliens franchise, sure dolphin and shark guns are cool but you gotta admit that's pretty neat!
- Most importantly, this weapon is Fun and Unique. Sure the SDMG is powerful as heck and "arguably better," its just a laser but without a cool laser aesthetic. The VB does a lot at once and just feels good even with its accuracy being doodoo trash garbage.
I. love. this. gun.
If we could use Luminite Bars to upgrade for post moonlord play I would be over the moon with joy. Just the thought of giving this thing with improved stats and/or the ability to load our own rockets as ammo would be absolutely fantastic.
Even without this proposed 'upgrade' the Vortex Beater is still underrated as heck and it's a shame that it gets sidelined by the SDMG.
That is all. Thank you for coming to my Vortex Beater Appreciation Conference.
- (**This is not a meme. I really want an end game upgrade. It's a fun gun, too much fun even, I think im addicted to using it. Me and the Boys currently have a running joke about this thing and how it's the best gun in the game. I want that to be a reality I live in and not a dream.**)
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2021.10.18 03:57 Efficient_idiot Rat races

How do I unlock rat races? I’m trying to finish stranger sins and I can’t find anything on how to unlock it.
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2021.10.18 03:57 ElonMuskCandyCompany Welcome to Texas, Tesla

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2021.10.18 03:57 Xen0player Finishing unlocking Golden Mario in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe! We're getting these last two golden cups! Stop on by for this! It'll be fun!

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2021.10.18 03:57 UseCompetitive895 Brandy pyt thot Dm for dropbox

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2021.10.18 03:57 Euphoric-Rush9337 One quick drag before that long survival.

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2021.10.18 03:57 ohiodylan Is there a direct bus route Mexico city to Guatemala city?

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