BC Hydro power line electrocutes two dogs, leaves woman in critical condition

2021.10.18 03:44 Jim-Jones BC Hydro power line electrocutes two dogs, leaves woman in critical condition

British Columbia
Woman is in critical condition, dogs are dead, and neighbours are asking whether Hydro knew about downed line
A woman is in critical condition in hospital, and her two dogs are dead after contacting a BC Hydro power line in B.C.'s Fraser Valley.
BC Hydro confirms the power line in question appears to have been knocked down in a storm on Thanksgiving weekend — a full week before the incident.
But the power wasn't cut off, and the corporation has no record of anyone calling to report the line coming down, it said.
Neighbour Ted Chalupa said the woman's life may have been saved by a woman at the nearby Kilby Provincial Park campground who heard the incident.
"There was a woman at the campsite who heard a horrific scream come from the corn field and she jumped onto the dyke, and virtually saw the woman ablaze in the cornfield and called 911," Chalupa said.
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2021.10.18 03:44 GoAwaySnail How To Make Friends??

I get a lot of "haha I know right?"s when I ask this normally, but I'm genuinely asking. Along with my moderate/severe generalized anxiety, I'm also a house wife, so no work connections, I live in an area were clubs aren't a thing, or at least not public knowledge ( I tried meetup, searching fb, groupon even, nada), so it seems hopeless. I try my best to go to places like coffee shops, or book stores, the ulta (i love make up ^^"), I've put myself out there the best I could, but still I find myself alone. I love my husband, but I can't help but feel alone and isolated. Online friends are nice, but I've been relying on them for years but I want more then anything just one person rl I can go and do things with.
Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.18 03:44 Matrim__Cauthon New to MTG, can you help me trim down my modern deck?

This is the first deck I'm building from scratch: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/vorpal-cheese-trimmed/?cb=1634521066

I would like any feedback, but mostly tell me which cards you would take out. I also don't understand mana curves and balancing very well, so tips are appreciated!
About the deck: Its first purpose was to quickly use the vorpal swords' mana ability, preferably before turn 9. Figured treasures would be the easiest way to do that, since green card ramping isn't something I have alot of in my collection. Then I added more win conditions, and deathtouch/artifact combo cards, such as Revel in Riches, mayhem devil, and Nettlecyst. A few play tests against my gf's merfolk unblockable deck has resulted in many losses, but at least it seems to generate tokens pretty well!
The swathcutter giant and mayhem devils look out of place at first, but their abilities allow equipped deathtouch weapons to destroy entire boards and creatures.
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2021.10.18 03:44 IntelligentMetal7323 Help: Leaking kitchen sink

Hello everyone, I have a small leak problem in my kitchen sink. I am guessing that this is coming from the basin “sweating” below.
I need help or advice on fix since I called in a professional and they weren’t sure what to do about it :( pics in comments.
Appreciate any advice on the issue and possible fix. Thank you very much
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2021.10.18 03:44 notvalcon Women of YA, would you date a single father?

If any of y’all didn’t know already, I’m a 22y/o father of a one year old. Things with my ex ended last year, we’re able to peacefully co-parent.
I’m in no way looking for a relationship right now, I’m trying to focus on my career, pay off debt, etc. but it has me wondering if I’ll ever find someone. A great majority of women I’ve heard, and even my friends, is that they’ll NEVER date a father simply because they’re going to be second priority.
I’m not trippin or even worried about it, it’s a genuine question. If I end up single for the rest of my life, then I’ll stay single 🤷🏽‍♂️ being single is dope af at the moment lol
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2021.10.18 03:44 Gebeik 25 [M4F] Help me through my nightshift with good and deep conversations :) DM me. From Germany

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2021.10.18 03:44 serpentiem DDMK 2.7 Nightly 18 October 2021

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2021.10.18 03:44 megachad3000 Destroyed the Acid Root - is the run ruined?

Hi all, I went to the acid biome and tried to scan the acid root. But my base was destroyed. I wasn't able to reset the biome (the 'delete outpost' button was greyed out) so I returned, built a new base and went to the root. When I tried to build a new base around the root to protect a scanner the damn turrets blew the root up. I've since spent about 45 minutes slowly grinding across this map looking for another root and failing, taking acid damage because despite doing the research there is no acid shielding on my crafting menu(?), and when I try to delete the outpost (the button is not greyed out now) it simply doesn't delete it.
TLDR: Blew up the root, cannot respawn the biome. What do?
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2021.10.18 03:44 Irishrosedz New player friend of mine looking for friends raids from asia and Europe and Australia and newzealand his code below

3669 0418 1294
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2021.10.18 03:44 JaKuth99 Been into meal prep for a few weeks. Made enough chicken tortilla soup for the next couple of weeks

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2021.10.18 03:44 cool_jerk_2005 T.S.O.L 1984 Change Today?

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2021.10.18 03:44 MaeDae17 We Didn’t Start The Fire But It’s About Ranboo’s Twitch Chat

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2021.10.18 03:44 CretinMike Why do they do this on the foot?

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2021.10.18 03:44 wethepeople88 Can you translate both of these sentences into formal logic ? Thank u

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2021.10.18 03:44 Mysterious_Tide Cant create or join a game

It keeps saying i dont have connection to the internet yet i see the lobbies......
anyone know of a way to fix or shall i start praying to the battle.net gods?
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2021.10.18 03:44 birdiebennett [Thank You] wonderful wonderful people!

I've been overwhelmed with wedding planning so these are definitely late! And I haven't been to my PO Box in over a week so if you aren't on this list, you surely shall be soon! PS my advice to anyone considering marriage..... ELOPE!
u/Jdoodle7 - I always enjoy hearing from you!!! Thanks for your card celebrating my 100 flair! You are so super sweet!
u/56Thorns - I received this "Donut Give Up" happy mail from you on a particularly terrible day for me. It changed my entire mood and I want to sincerely thank you so much. <3
u/winkytinkytoo - such a cute username! thank you so much for this postcard of the Rockshelter and historic village! It's not too far from me, I will have to go give it a look some weekend!
u/losewitheloquence - Thank you so so much for this world postcard day card! I just love your handwriting! <3
u/toni-jade - Thank you for this adorable rose postcard!
u/square_plants - Thanks so much for the world postcard day card! <3
u/waterloo_math_grader - thanks for this stunning vintage Niagara Falls postcard celebrating world postcard day! Niagara Falls is one of my favorite places to be, especially the Canadian side! :)
u/not_napoleon - thank you for the world postcard day card!! :)
u/bri7154 - thank you for this world postcard day happy mail! thank you for the cute little stickers and the coloring sheet as well! :)
----> guys... don't judge me - I am not the kind of person who can keep birthday cards sealed until the actual day comes. therefore .....
u/dogluvr1815 - I LOVE this postcard omg!!! I'm amazed you designed it yourself! Sloths are the best! Thank you so so much <3
u/NoPowerOverMe - This card was SO fun to open! I love that you listed horror movies you enjoyed. The Invitation was creepy af you're right! Thanks so much & thanks for the stickers! <3
u/littlemermaidxx - thank you for the birthday card & I love all the succulent stickers you included <3!
u/aepeyc - thank you for the birthday card!! I love the poop sticker you sent :')
u/cswl - your handwriting is absolutely DREAMY!! thanks so much for the birthday card <3
u/foleyfocus - thank you so much for this thoughtful birthday card. the sloth stickers are amazing & thanks for giving me a full sheet of kitty stickers!!!! your sweet words made me tear up a little! thanks <3
u/laura_eva - thank you so much for the birthday card. I'm so sorry again that you know what it's like to lose a mom. your card was so sweet and I love the stickers. <3
u/HowDoYouSayHello - WOW! what a stunning shaker card! I am so lucky to have received this from you. Thank you so so much!
u/welshfancy x2 - thank you for the postcard AND the most stunning wedding card I've ever seen in my life! we love them both so much, thank you <3
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2021.10.18 03:44 ThatMrLulzGuy YOLO'd $130K into DEB, to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.10.18 03:44 hellercourtney Help

Whoever installed this outlet in my kitchen is bugging. I want to move the wall socket up so that I don’t have to cut off the bottom of the wall plate in order to screw it in. I could figure out how to do it but this is right on top of granite and there’s no dry wall behind it so I don’t know how to even begin approaching this. Pictures for reference.
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2021.10.18 03:44 AleHp28 he right

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2021.10.18 03:44 KingKongs_Left_Nut Please allow farmers in ranked lych

Especially in co-op ranked lych its becomes so laggy that I cant farm properly. Please just allow us to use farmers in ranked lych.
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2021.10.18 03:44 O-D-COLE Regurgitator - Polyester Girl

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2021.10.18 03:44 RationalMean If those psychopaths journalists, youtubers and mindless guys have the right to besiege and invade Brian's parents home and attack them and their businesses through the Media, then we all have also the right to besiege and invade each other homes. Who has more rights?

I think that you all are evil so I decided to invade your homes !!!
Am I a bad guy for doing such thing?
If you do not respect the law and order, then take your pizza slice, and enjoy it.
Let's invade and besiege each other !!!
Starting from now !!!
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2021.10.18 03:44 bloodredcookie X-Men and Alpha Flight 1

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2021.10.18 03:44 vlorfus Spooky Warlock

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2021.10.18 03:44 Proud-Alarm1757 Realnaasha

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