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2021.11.30 00:17 abhishek_ratnu netflix adaption

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2021.11.30 00:17 zoniaxos Serious drama with Stardust right now

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2021.11.30 00:17 DrLeslie223 Looking to build non-defi dApp with high transaction count.

Looking to build a mobile first dApp with a high number of transactions. What advantages does Solana have over Celo? Seems like Celo is mobile first, fast, and cheap. The only major concern is that Solana has a way larger end-user market.
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2021.11.30 00:17 mariofan366 [PC][before 2006] It came on a CD, it had a platformer, it took place in space

This is such a shot in the dark but I will love you if you find it.
I do not remember much. It was a PC game that came on a CD. It took place in space. There was a platforming section that was very difficult for 8 year old me. You could not jump high. You moved slow I think. I don't think you played as human. I think everything was icy, or at least the platforms was blue or gray. I think there was banana peels and enemies and you used the banana peels on the enemies. The enemies were aliens I think. I think there was 3 of something, 3 banana peels or 3 hearts. I remember for the first stage of the platformer you moved right and there was a platform above you you wanted to get on top of. I literally did not get past the first section. The game might've used math but I might be confusing it with something else. I think there were other gamemodes other than the platformer. I played it as a young kid and I was born in 1998.
I just asked my sister and she said different planets made different sounds. I don't remember that but maybe.
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2021.11.30 00:17 FluxNinja ULPT Request How to find a *particular* cleaning lady for *particularly* cheap

I don’t intend to pay them poorly, and they do need to find some employment until they get their immigration matters sorted.
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2021.11.30 00:17 lugawgotobaboytokwa Indeed For Employers: How to bulk download resumes?

I've been trying for hours but I just can't get it. Is there a way to download bulk resumes?
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2021.11.30 00:17 Sghioz TUSD IN THE HARDEST WAY

obviously I’ve learnt the lesson in the hardest way. I staked my TUSD in my DeFi wallet when the APY was over 100% and now it’s around 4%. Withdraw now it means lose hundreds of dollars in fees. Fuck that, I’ll keep them in there until they will pay out themselves, even if it would take 10 years. It doesn’t bother me, is fine I know the game. My question is, could the APY go in negative? I mean, also with a very low % I’m still earning, but what about if I’m not earning anymore….. And, im pretty sure the APY will go up again, not for so long but it will, right?!?
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2021.11.30 00:17 BurtonIsSexy120 Did you think any of the song choices were good?

The only song choices I thought were good for the artists were Lana's, Jim and Sasha's, and GNT. All the other performances fell flat for me tonight/I thought didn't showcase their artist well, or their performances just weren't that interesting.
Anyone agree or disagree?
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2021.11.30 00:17 WhythehellamIawakern Found this comment on a YouTube short of someone at a rave, I'm confused on so many levels.

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2021.11.30 00:17 Fun_County_1537 Influencer Spotlight: kucoincom

Influencer Spotlight: @kucoincom
Influencer Rank: 562 Engagement Rank: 289 Follower Rank: 216 Volume Rank: 10197 #LunarCrush #LunarShare #sthakur333111
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2021.11.30 00:17 JMZK1 I wonder if JJ's old hair use to do this as well 🤔😂

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2021.11.30 00:17 holbythebear Just passed.

Wanted to dump out this information while it’s fresh and I have almost a growler down…(edit, now have the growler down because this took a long time)
Edit after posting….this may be a bunch of bull shit complaining since I passed, but I think it will help with weirdos such as myself. :
I studied by using the Kaplan book mostly. Read it one time, doing outlines on most chapters. I did the outlines because it helped me actually get through the material while being engaged. I really felt like I had a good grasp on the book. I did units 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 two times based on NASAA outline . I am convinced that doing outlines or flash cards of the material that you read are the best way to study.
I also bought testgeek. As much praise as this got on here, and as much I actually enjoyed watching the material (he is very engaging), it was not as applicable to the test as I thought. I believe most of the test topics that he is drilling down on are maybe 10-15% of the exam, and I might have got these from the Kaplan book as well. I think Brian uses the past exam questions and I personally thinks he uses the Kaplan books as many of their “test topic alerts” were in his videos. I scored an 80% on his final, and 82.5 on the supplement questions the day before the exam. But most of the problems I missed on his exam were because i didn’t read the question or answers well enough. If I would have spent more time on his exam (not rushing through) I think I would have had an 85%. I was also (petty) pissed that his videos only had one sided audio on headphones. I like this dudes teaching mannerisms, but he is outdated with his content. Please Brian, update your content because you are a great (GREAT) teacher but your content was not very reflective of the exam.
I did about 10 kaplan questions. I only studied for 2.5 weeks after the series 7, and felt that doing the questions was going to cut into learning the material too much. I would not advise this strategy. There were many times during the exam that I wish I would have exposed myself to the questions. Once I saw how long it was going to take me to do the Kaplan questions (they were wordy) I abandoned ship. If you have more than 2.5 weeks, definitely do more of the test bank. I am a very good test taker (passed the 3/4 sections of the CPA exam in first try previously) so take my approach cautiously.
As far as the actual exam, here is what I remember:
The NASAA ethics was heavily tested. I read appendix B of Kaplan, but this was not enough. Seriously study this thing and know it verbatim. The questions were very detailed. You might know that something is unallowed, but is it unallowed because of ethical reasons, or is it really against the law? You might know as an agent you can share commissions.(with someone at your B/d and within state), but what if you work for an IA and BD and it’s only for insurance clients? I think you tend to remember the questions in this exam that make you really question if you know the material, but I had a lot of that in the NASAA ethics outline for both broker dealers and IAs. If there is a QA on that or something on this material, you should study that. You should study like you would three units of the book. It’s really that prevalent.
This exam was like the series 7 in that if you got a question about what you can /can’t do in a certain situation,you have to know it inside /out. I always had a “General knowledge” in these situations, which bring you down to the 50/50, but they really drill down on these. I understand this completely from a regulatory test examiner, but from a training provider standpoint, they have to do better. Don’t just “touch” on this topic, or give you the first step, but these really need nailed down. It makes so much sense. If after taking the series 7, you can take client orders, you need to know everything you are allowed/not allowed from the agents side of the transaction. As an IA/IAR, you really need to know what you are not allowed to do and what is ok and why. This needs to be entire units dedicated to this from a provider standpoint. I am really kind of peaved that trainers are not emphasising these over fucking option hedging etc.
I had three questions on beta, one on alpha and a calculation of alpha. I only knew what alpha was trying to do (above the beta and a performance measure of a portfolio that might let you charge more fees) but didn’t know the calculation. I had 3-4 on either discount rate or present value/future value/net present value. There was a video on YouTube that explained this is 5-6 minutes. Watch it and understand it and you will be golden. Know the formula. It’s so simple. It’s in the video. I had one question that asked how an S&P 500 index was weighted. I still don’t know lol. 2 questions on Future contracts. How are they paid (do you deliveaccept good or just pay), and when do you pay (beginning of contract or settlement date). Much more specific than you would get from the book. I was actually able to tie one question on futures to the other and figure it out.
One thing that pissed me off is that I had one question on when a bd/agent/ia/iar had to register. This really pisses me off that I spent a ton of time on this area and got one question on it. This is one of “cheat sheet” items that I wrote down before starting. I actually had probably 5 on exempt securities or issuers, but Brian Lee said “these aren’t tested much” so I didn’t know them verbatim. I could remember that a bank was pretty much alway excluded, but what about Insurance companies? Not to poo poo on Brian Lee, but his course will give you a false confidence IMO. I actually retained more info from Ken in his relatively short videos on YouTube. I especially remember his video with 3 female students and they talked through an email scenario where a guy Ken was tutoring got in trouble for CC’ing a bunch of clients and got in trouble for “not keeping client info secret” rather than anything else. I also watched his 45 minutes video about the series 66, and think I would have known I got a few questions correct if I would have memorized that video, especially on the death account. TOD, POD came up 2-3 times on the test. I was trying to remember what Ken said, but wasn’t sure lol. I know he did a good job in the videos, but couldn’t remember it.
For the investment vehicle questions/insurance, a lot of these were very “in the weeds” type questions. You could tell they were trying to separate from the series 7 here. For instance, I got a mutual fund question where you purchased the mutual fund in February 2020 , then they gave you a statement that told you that you had capital gains of $xx and interest income of $xx and how were those taxed in 2020? Long term gains, short term gains, ordinary income and what amounts for each. There were 3-4 insurance questions where you couldn’t just be familiar with insurance (for instance, life variable insurance has a minimum death death and a separate variable account) you really had to know the ins-out of it.
I had 2 questions on an access person. They both asked about which assets/securities they had to disclose. Kaplan was really bad about this topic, but I knew from Reddit that people were getting a question on an access persons. I actually read about an access person on the sec website, but even then wasn’t prepared for this question. I believe they dont have to disclose about automatic reinvestments (dividends), mutual funds or money market funds, but i’m actually not sure and I’m not spending another moment learning about this test. lol.
One thing that I’ve noticed in all these exams is the level of detail you are required to know, and the extent that the test providers will go to disguise answers. I believe there is a correlation with “knowing the material “ vs just trying to pass the exam. I always want to know and understand the material because that’s just how my brain works. You would have to be some type of genius to memorize every general rule and every exception to the general rule. I also believe there is a way to analyze the answer set to figure out what is an “outlier” from the others. Somehow, there is a test maker that is happy that this little monkey brain struggled with his test and. Felt very unsure of himself, but still understood the material enough to get the 73%
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Ok ok i know I’m probably the weirdest femboy on earth maybe but dad bods are really nice! Idk why but they’re just so hot even tho some of them can be hairy,i like all body types tho But what fellow femboys think?
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2021.11.30 00:17 moraalli [Academic] Repost: Black Women's Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating (black women 18+)

Here is the link:
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