Give us all challenges for the week

2021.11.29 23:21 Able_Administration1 Give us all challenges for the week

Instead of only giving us four challenges at a time give us all of the challenges. My last challenge for the week is something I’ve done multiple times but now that I need it for a challenge I can’t seem to get it done. Frustrating.
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2021.11.29 23:21 Numerous_Sport_2774 Kelly Strategic Management files for Ethereum futures ETF

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2021.11.29 23:21 Zacharias423 What is your greatest "sham" moment that you shared with a leader?

It's my cake day and I'm looking back on the all the times I fucked around and never got caught. I'd love to hear yours.
Mine is when my first sausage came by while I was on a gate guard at 0100 and said, "u/Zacharias423, this is fucking shitty. You got your Switch?" and we just played Mario Kart for 3 hours while nothing happened. I miss that man sometimes.
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2021.11.29 23:21 guardyoursleep rupture

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2021.11.29 23:21 TruthKCMO Former Georgia youth pastor arrested on sexual exploitation charges.

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2021.11.29 23:21 Mynewsify-Website As Omicron looms, health minister urges Malaysians to keep up SOPs, get vaccine boosters, Malay Mail – Malaysia

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2021.11.29 23:21 Joe21821 27/M working all night and looking to talk

Hello all, I’ll be working all tonight and was looking to find some interesting people to talk with. I’ll be working until the morning and will probably be bored out of mind here in a little bit. I currently work full-time and recently finished school for my masters degree. My goal is to start working as a adjunct professor soon to earn a little extra income. I’m down to talk about just about anything or just willing to be and ear for someone to vent too. Hope to hear from you soon!
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2021.11.29 23:21 evans999999 Help

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2021.11.29 23:21 SuperSpruce0 Finally upgrading from an iMac to a high end gaming laptop through a generous gift!

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2021.11.29 23:21 baebear3 Regifting awards! 20. Jailbirds 21. I choose you 22. Team America

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2021.11.29 23:21 clip_mirror_bot QT reminisces her dearly departed Ludwig

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2021.11.29 23:21 SuperMarioPartyPlaza MPP Superstar Scuffle Tourney Results

MPP Superstar Scuffle Tourney Results Thank you to everyone who played in our tournament yesterday! It was a great showcase of this games true potential, and no matter how far you made it, consider it an achievement. We had 16 competitors playing for the $70 total in prizes, in which our top 8 was stacked and filled with intense matches. With that said, I'm proud to present the MPPT3 top 8! 📷 EL CuCuy 📷 Gecko 📷 ProfShyguy 📷 Pearl 5. Snortle 5. Redd 7. Kelmo 7. Wooly If you're reading this and want to see what competitive Mario Party is or want to come play in it yourself, joining the Mario Party Plaza Server would be a great thing to do. Hope to see you in the plaza!
Discord Link:
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2021.11.29 23:21 Brother_Of_Boy Nuclear Blaze - 'Through fire and flames'

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2021.11.29 23:21 ObberGobb The basics of my magic system

For background, my world is set in the real world around the 1700s . Most people do not know about magic. There are only a few thousands magic user across the entire planet.
The way the system works is that there are Magic Words, each of which does a certain thing when said. The words are thought to be the remnants of an ancient language predating humanity, of which 51 survive.
Spells can only be heard by those who are learned in them. To normal people, they sound like incomprehensible noise. They are quite literally incomprehensible, as it is impossible for someone to remember or record the specifics of the noise, and it will sound different to each person.
The spells are more difficult to learn as their number gets higher, and they are more taxing to learn. 1-10 are considered the "Basic" spells, 11-26 are considered "Advanced", 27-41 are considered "Master", and 42-46 are "Dark Magic" and 47-51 are forbidden.
While on paper the power of spells is infinite, they are strongly limited by the power of the caster. Even the most basic spells are exhausting to novices and are very limited in their power and what they can effect. The highest level most people can attain is "Advanced", and most will still be left drained after only a few spells. Only very powerful Magicians can use Master spells, and even then they are hard to use and are very draining. These Magicians are incredibly rare, and one would have to work extraordinarily hard to reach this level. Dark Magic is illegal in most places, as is more dangerous for the caster to use. Forbidden spells, as the name implies, are not allowed under any circumstances. Using them, or even trying to learn them, is illegal in every country in the world. But human laws are only the least of a would be caster's worries. They are incredibly taxing, and even the most powerful of sorcerers would likely die instantly from casting them. Magic has been known to humans for thousands of years, and even then there have only been 6 people recorded to have used them them, of which 5 were eventually killed. No one has ever used 51. While most spells could potentially kill a user who is too weak or tired to properly cast them, dying as a result of a Forbidden spell is much worse. As the spells infringe on the domain of the Gods, they punish you by pulling your soul directly to hell. It is impossible to escape this hell. If you used Forbidden spells in your life and died normally this won't happen, as the gods only have the power to do this when you soul is broken by a backfiring Forbidden spell. This is because when you are powerful enough to cast these spells, you soul is more powerful than that of the gods. You are not omnipotent though, as the "gods" are very different than "God" and "Satan", who do exist in this world, although not in the same way as Abrahamic Religions.

The words are as follows:

  1. "Attention" Calls the target's attention to yourself
  2. "Awake" - Wakes the target from their sleep
  3. "Happy" - Briefly makes the target feel more happy
  4. "Sad" - Briefly makes the target feel more sad"
  5. "Stop" - Briefly stops the target from whatever they are doing
  6. "Forget" - Causes the target to forget the last few minutes. The exact time is up to the caster. The memories are simply erased, and it is impossible to retrieve them.
  7. "Remember" - Causes a target to remember a specific memory. Does not work on memories erased by "Forget".
  8. "Convince" - Convinces someone to do something. They can still change their minds later if it is too much against their personality or takes too long.
  9. "Light" - Creates a small glow
  10. "Move" - Allows the user to move a target. Basically telekinesis.
  11. "Force" - Emanates a concussive force
  12. "Terror" - Fills the target with an uncontrollable and overwhelming sense of fear
  13. "Asphyxiate" - Stops the target from being able to breath
  14. "Break" - Breaks the target into pieces. Only works on inanimate objects.
  15. "Repair" - Repairs broken pieces of an object. Only works if the pieces of an object are present.
  16. "Construct" - Builds basically anything the caster is imagining. Requires the materials to be present.
  17. "See" - Greatly expands the caster's field of vision to 360 degrees and a great distance away from them. The distance depends on the skill of the caster.
  18. "Expand" - Increases the size of the object. Since no knew matter is created the object is also weaker.
  19. "Freeze" - Instantly drops the temperature of the target to far below the freezing point of water
  20. "Fire" - Manipulates flames
  21. "Alight" - Creates flames from the air
  22. "Electricity" - Creates electricity from the air
  23. "Grow" - Drastically speeds up the growth rate of the target. Can be used to heal wounds as well.
  24. "Destroy" - Causes the target to explode
  25. "Combust" - Bursts an object into flames. Functions like a combination between "Alight" and "Destroy", although the size and power of the flames and explosion is weaker than both.
  26. "Strengthen" - Greatly strengthens the durability of a target. Can be used on living creatures, but is much more effective on inanimate objects.
  27. "Ignore" - A more complex version of "forget". Causes the user to ignore a specific memory. This can be anything. The memory is still their, it is just blocked by the target's brain. Because of this it is possible to be retrieved, albeit difficult.
  28. "Order" - More powerful version of "Convince". Orders the target to do a more complex task. The spell lasts until they have completed the task.
  29. "Imprint" - Creates a fake memory in the target.
  30. "Read" - Allows the caster to read the target's mind
  31. "Paralyze" - Stops the target from moving any muscle
  32. "Disintegrate" - Much more powerful version of "Break". Turns the target to ash.
  33. "Split" - Splits the target into multiple pieces. It is not broken, as they are still technically spatially connected. For example, if you "split" an arm off of a person and move it away from them, the blood will still flow like normal and the person will be able to move that arm like normal.
  34. "Kill" - Stops of a target's heart from functioning. Kills them on the spot.
  35. "Project" - Allows the caster to project a spiritual clone of themselves anywhere they wish. Only passing familiarity is needed to conjure it to a location. Can be manipulated like a normal body by the caster, although it will not physically exist and cannot be seen by normal people. Can cast spells (albeit weakened ones) but cannot physically interact with anything
  36. "Teleport" - Teleports the caster to wherever they wish. Needs to be a very, very, familiar place or one the caster can see. To become familiar enough with a location to teleport there requires hours of study, although the use "Remember" can help. Attempting to teleport to a location from an imprinted memory causes the caster to fall into a coma.
  37. "Curse" - Places a curse on a target. It can be essentially anything as long as their is a cause and effect and the magician is powerful enough to do it. For example, one can use "Curse" with "Fate" to curse someone to always have bad luck, or can be used with "kill" to kill someone if they enter a specific places. Due to the complexity of curses, it is much more taxing to place a curse than cast a normal spell. This can be helped by creating more specific conditions (For example, saying "You will always have bad luck" is much, much, harder than saying "You will always had bad luck at dice"). Time limits also help, as well as ways to potentially break it ("You will only be cursed as long as this object is in your possession"). Curses don't necessarily have to be bad. One can assign an object a rule, so when a condition is met something happens. (For example, you could create an amulet that speeds up your natural regeneration as long as you are wearing it, a sword that is much more powerful when given some of the user's blood, or an emblem that enhances the wearer's strength while they are loyal to the creator). The effect is stronger when the rule is more specific or more negative to the caster.
  38. "Revive" - Brings a person back from the dead. Only works a few minutes after death, and the body needs to be healed beforehand.
  39. "Gravity" - Allows the caster to manipulate gravitational forces.
  40. "Absolute Zero" - Briefly lowers the temperature of something to absolute zero. While the target will quickly absorb the heat around it and will only be absolute zero for a brief amount of time, it is incredibly devastating and will completely freeze and effectively destroy everything around it.
  41. "Transmute" - Changes one form of matter into another. For example, you could turn a log into a piece of iron of the same shape.
  42. "Fate" - Manipulates fate itself. Every object and being is bound by fate, but this spell can change that to an extent. Only works on a relatively small scale.
  43. "Consume" - Absorbs a target's soul into one's own.
  44. "Soul" - Manipulates a soul. Does not work when it is in someone else's body, so "Consume" is required to retrieve it.
  45. "Animate" - Allows the caster to place a soul in a body to animate it. This can be a person's body which is vacant of a soul, or an artificially constructed body.
  46. "End" - Much more powerful version of "Kill". Completely destroys the targets soul.
  47. "Erase" - Erases an object from existence. Even the atoms are erased from the universe.
  48. "Create" - Creates anything out of nothing. Requires no materials, as the matter itself is created by the caster.
  49. "Time" - Manipulates the flow of time itself. Can be use to slow, speed, outright stop, or even possibly reverse time.
  50. "Resurrect" - Brings a target back from the dead. Can be used at any time after death, although the longer a person has been dead the harder it will be for the caster to locate their soul and construct their body. The person is brought back with their full memories. Does not work on people whose soul has been captured or destroy.
  51. "True Fate" - Allows the caster to completely manipulate all aspects fate itself. Essentially allows the caster to rewrite reality. Unfathomably powerful and hard to use, no one has ever cast this spell and lived.
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2021.11.29 23:21 SourSprout23 Is there any concrete information on SBMM and non-persistent lobbies?

I ask this because I've been running into this phenomenon where the first few matches of All-Out-Warfare on any given day are remarkably easy, almost feels like playing with bots even though they're real players with Specialist roles and nameplates... And then like five or so matches in, the game becomes way harder, the squad scores in the TAB UI are way, way higher, and it's way more difficult to spawn and run around and have fun without getting shredded from three angles.
And I'm a little suspicious that the matchmaking system is manipulating the skill pool of players in matchmade lobbies for this reason.
I definitely think that All-Out-Warfare should have its own lobby browser (not server browser, if they wanna keep it all on the AWS servers they're probably using then that's cool I guess) where we can choose a lobby and play with that same player pool from round-to-round as it was in previous games.
I was a little concerned about this early on but I convinced myself that I'd just have to play better and that I could still have fun, but I'm playing really hard in these games and still kind of getting smashed disproportionately often.
And I know, 'git gud,' it's what I told all my buddies when they complained about SBMM back in Warzone, but after a long time of playing that game and now kind of seeing a similar phenomenon here, I'm really not excited about it and I believe that the lack of a persistent lobby browser, scoreboard, and /all chat are three of the biggest issues with this generally fantastic and engaging game.
P.S.: I don't think Portal is a good substitute either, because XP rates are throttled, the ping is remarkably worse (often 250ms instead of AOW's 70ms), and the browser is bloated with XP farms, crappy zombie gametypes, and badmins who make dumb changes to 2042's standard gameplay.
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2021.11.29 23:21 dustyboombox What volume and chapter is this panel from? The original poster didn't say

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2021.11.29 23:21 Panthers270_ First pull of the new event and got the main

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2021.11.29 23:21 MR_Kiddo909 Got the second shot! Two weeks and I'm fully vaccinated! 💉

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2021.11.29 23:21 Grand_Cod_2741 First Pixel test tonight!

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2021.11.29 23:21 Pompom975 What’s your favourite holiday?

Other in comments
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2021.11.29 23:21 Remarcs_ Why do roads have so many sewer panels?

Most roads have several sewer panels very close together, within 20 feet of each other. A lot of the times they have panels 5 feet from each other. Why is there a need for so many access points? And they are on almost every street/road as well. I have never understood this
I’m not talking about storm drains, I’m talking about manhole covers, not sure what the proper name is. A picture can be found here:
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2021.11.29 23:21 shortE808 Could Sieg be activated in time?

I’m not totally sure on the rules for COVID but could he be activated before Sunday? Would be a blow to our ST if we have to use a different long snapper.
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2021.11.29 23:21 MrMakovec Byl jednou jeden virus

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2021.11.29 23:21 xavierfeb11 LF: Female Turtwig and Female Piplup ; FT: Male Chimchar

Hi there,
Hoping to do this playthrough with the starters! Only at 2 badges so all I can offer right now are a couple Chimchar I got from a friend.
Thanks so much.
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2021.11.29 23:21 Rape_Togepi I need to rape Eevee from Pokemon pls

Pls if anyone has an Eevee that I can borrow to rape and mutilate
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