Places that pay the best wages?

2021.11.29 23:19 ThatGuySolace Places that pay the best wages?

I'm looking for a new job above the poverty line. I know Walmart is hiring at $15/hr for Deli and overnight work, so that's looking like the best bet right now. All of the places I WANT to work at pay dirt wages so I'm just looking for the most survivable right now.
I know Aldi's starts at $13 but you can't call for a follow-up or anything, and they definitely aren't calling me.
I just want a job that's makes me not wanna die and that pays enough to live.
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2021.11.29 23:19 ryden222 DermTech Unveils DermTech Stratum, an Expanded Translational Medicine Service Offering for Non-invasive Biomarker Analysis

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2021.11.29 23:19 TheRoamingEngineer Have you guys noticed bots in WOTc?

*puts on tin foil hat* I swear that I've seen some utterly nonsensical play by full health heavy tanks that just sit somewhere... not really doing much, and just rotating turret back and forth. Have you guys noticed this? A real human being would absolutely be bored to death.
Yesterday a top teir full health heavy puttered around and then hung out near the enemy base, but not IN the base, until our team got slaughered in manneheim. Could have easily won with crappy play from this heavy but the tank instead chose to sort of move around and slowly make bad decisions.
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2021.11.29 23:19 KouShouichi I drew her highness (I'm quite new to digital btw)

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2021.11.29 23:19 battledmn WATCH: Firefighters rescue dog from icy Saskatoon river

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2021.11.29 23:19 CT-5555__ The choice is yours

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2021.11.29 23:19 LeiaKasta Would like opinions on something told to me recently

Multiple times in my life I’ve been faced with the idea that I can’t know what my sexuality is until I’ve had sex.
I identify as Ace and was discussing it with someone, I was basically told “I understand you don’t like the idea of sex but I didn’t really understand what sex was until I tried it so you should wait to put a label on it”. At one point a bit ago I was identifying as pansexual and heard a very similar argument, and I completely understand the logic of it. If you haven’t tried something, how can you know if you like it or not? And I feel like that’s wrong and I disagree with it, but I can’t quite articulate why. So I was wondering if this argument is correct/incorrect, and if it’s incorrect what the counter argument is?
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2021.11.29 23:19 sirbatman15 Little orphan Ani.

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2021.11.29 23:19 Wild-Estate9426 Technoblade

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2021.11.29 23:19 Nervous-Winter-4582 Help needed with pressing

I was trying solo dribbles for a few weeks in my second account (as my data transfer limit for main account was over). During my playtime in second account I never cared about defence. As a result I forgot the ideal timing of switching in manual control (I'm using advanced+single tap). So I need your help to make my defending good. Any video suggestions will be great. Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.29 23:19 NicXes21 First rule to being a millionaire.

Share. That's all for now. Thank you.
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2021.11.29 23:19 Shalli_ UWorld

Is Uworld down at the moment in Pakistan ?
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2021.11.29 23:19 RainyDayThrowAway888 Can I trust her

My gf (F 21) and I (m18) have been dating for 7 months. We meet on tinder and hook up the first night. The second time we meet she lets me finish inside her twice. So the next day we go to buy the morning after pill and sit down to have a coffee. I explain to her that if she wants to continue seeing me that she’s gotta make herself exclusive, to which she agrees. 7 incredibly tumultuous months later, I find a screenshot of a convo between her and a guy two days after our second time which goes: Guy: Hey, wanna fuck? Her: I’ll get an uber Etc.
She has lied to me on many different occasions. I admit to being very jealous and at times controlling but that doesn’t justify it. There is so much more to this situation and I can elaborate if anyone wants.
Is it worth continuing the relationship? Can I trust her now or am I living in a fantasy? Asking for a friend ….
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2021.11.29 23:19 amateurcrossing What Christmas gifts are great to order multiples of that anyone would enjoy?

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2021.11.29 23:19 MrBelugaWhaleSea Bitches I need your help…

What does Weißwal Meer translate too. I’m pretty sure my translation is correct I just want to be 100% sure. I’d appreciate if anyone who speaks German could confirm this or if you guys can help me cross post this somewhere so someone can hopefully check if my translation is correct. It should be something around “Beluga Sea” or “White Whale Sea”. I wanted too see if it works as a username so ya, send help.
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2021.11.29 23:19 EpiCentury First Single Speed

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2021.11.29 23:19 Upstairs-Director634 Poor Spencer…does he know he’ll never be able to wear color ever again?? 😂

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2021.11.29 23:19 yoalexco ANTI-ANXIETY CLEANING 🔥 8D relaxing music to sleep and wake up refreshed + ASMR

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2021.11.29 23:19 Princessmore Hello!

I created a special Reddit account just for Webkinz, so hello! My username on Webkinz is Princessmore, and I have been collecting since 2007. I have over 500 Webkinz, and plan to own one of every single Webkinz! My first Webkinz is a Collie named Smore and I love her dearly. I do have a Tiktok account that went viral on one of my Webkinz videos. (I won't post the user, because Reddit, but I'm sure you could find me if you tried.)
Nice to meet all of you!
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2021.11.29 23:19 BoozyBoyz Boozy Boyz! Join Us today to help us further the mission of Team Seas and clean up the ocean! The larger our community gets, the more trash we can help remove!

Boozy Boyz! Join Us today to help us further the mission of Team Seas and clean up the ocean! The larger our community gets, the more trash we can help remove! We recently launched a new NFT project called Boozy Boyz. Just like Mr.Beast, we believe in changing the world and having a good time doing it.He is a huge inspiration to us, and we want to give back to him and most importantly the entire world! Proceeds from this project will be donated to Team Seas.
If you want to help us support Team Seas, check out @ BoozyBoyzNFT on Twitter for more information!
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2021.11.29 23:19 bigchungus69420____ Best Anime osts?

Which of these anime has the best osts? (Personal favorites, feel free to add yours in the comments)
View Poll
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2021.11.29 23:19 BucketHerro Corporate Mundo will become a Legendary skin after the VGU

Pick it up now while the price is lower
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2021.11.29 23:19 vrmvroom I’ve had this reddit account since I was 15, ama

I’m 18 now and have grown a bit here. Anyways! ama
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2021.11.29 23:19 Realistic_Process929 Lead teacher is pissing me off.

Ok. My fellow co-teachers /assistants and teachers please chime in. Sooo I've talked about a situation with my teacher in an old post about what I perceive to be chastising me in class.
Today we were going over letters and letter sounds. Let me be VERY clear about her teaching strategy before I continue. She is in her 60's...and I have let a lot of ridiculous things slide. She claims the letter b says "brr", she calls consonants "constance", and expects these kids to no on set rhymes when you've never explained to them what a rhyme is. I used a heggerty strategy to help them understand. She has no idea how to get them where they need to be. You expect them to identify short and long sounds but you call a breve "a small u", and a macron a "line across." Smartest kid in the class scored an 822 on early literacy and you punish him for moving head...he's BORED.
THE ISSUE: I am not the kind of assistant that sits down all day and play on my phone. I am not a daycare teacher, my mission is to help facilitate the learning process in arguably the most important grade...which is kindergarten. My phone is in my bag 90% of the day. I even missed a message from my principal to relieve a teacher for a plc and had to tell him that I just saw his message as I clocked out. TODAY: We are going over letter sounds over and over. I quickly tried to check on my appointment status blah blah. She literally stopped teaching and asked if I was on my front of the kids 😐. She has verbally reprimanded me before about sending advanced students paper to write sentences with sight words. A little while later her newsletter states that 3 sentences using sight words are due every Friday. 🤔
Should I just shut down and do the bare minimum as she teaches these kids rhyming words but they don't know what a medial sound is nor do they know every word has to have a vowel? If she wants an assistant that has no interest or motivation to actually assist in educating children am I justified in asking to swap to a different teacher?
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2021.11.29 23:19 Medusa_h How do I start singing?

I really love singing however I don't have a good voice, I've actually never taken a vocal lesson so I don't know how my voice actually is but I know I'm not good. I really want to start singing though and so I was wondering if I can teach myself how to sing? Also what basics should I have?
Thank you in advance!
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