How did I not think of that?

2021.11.30 00:41 Jyugo15 How did I not think of that?

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2021.11.30 00:41 Nemonoai Sneak peek at my project that I will be finishing up this month. Made the page for an art show but I thought you might like to check it out as well. Enjoy!

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2021.11.30 00:41 Other-Counter-7833 Could someone help me out with a refining question, I’ve got some silver but I’m stuck on what to do because of the metals that are in the silver.

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2021.11.30 00:41 Nepti6 Back light question

Hi there ereaders, I am interested in buying an ereader because I am slowly being blinded my reading off a tablet. My issue is that I love reading in the dark. Can an ereader with a backlight be used in the dark? It seems the Oasis is a good option for back lights? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I actually use Scribd so recommendations that can accommdate this would be appreciated.
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2021.11.30 00:41 IPlayMidLane Nelson cheers up t1 after a bad game

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2021.11.30 00:41 Gestice I fucking hate my manager and I can't wait til I can quit my job

I work at a certain grocery store chain named after a large cat and I'm happy to be making money, but my fucking manager is making me hate this job and I dread going in every day and I can't stop thinking about how much I hate it there when I'm off. I am an office assistant there (which is basically assistant manager-lite, you help run the front end and do shit in the cash office) and I have been in this position for about two months being trained by three different people who all have wildly different ways of doing what I need to do, which of course made the learning process more difficult than it should be. However, I am feeling more confident in my ability to complete these tasks.
Now, one of the three people training me is the manager that I absolutely despise. Let's call her Ms Bitch. She is the type of person to go from yelling at you to joking around. She has a very particular way of doing things, where if anything deviates from the PROPER way, justified or not, it's going to be a giant fucking issue. Now I understand rules have reasons, but she fucking yelled at me once for walking 8 feet away to grab a sharpie because I am expected to have a marker on me at all times. This was the first time I was ever told that! But it doesn't matter, it was wrong and I got yelled at for not magically knowing the fucking rules.
I got yelled at once for not having a task done BEFORE my shift was scheduled to start. Do you know what the task in question was? Putting the drawers in the registers, which takes like 3 minutes at MOST (and is also the first thing I was going to do), and they go in the registers that aren't even used for the first few hours half the time because the ones that need to be opened immediately have the money already in them from last night.
Once I got yelled at for not having any bags on the ends of the registers so someone else could bag for that cashier. This was a deliberate choice because we only had one customer lead in that day (the primary bagger, who also has other shit to do besides fucking bagging all day!) and we didn't even have two boxes of them in that day that we had to stretch out between the entire front end til we got more, so obviously I wasn't going to fucking put them where customers grab handfuls of them because they think we have an unlimited amount, plus they weren't gonna get fucking used anyways that day because we were busy and that customer lead was on register anyways, and no one was fucking bagging! Doesn't matter that it was a logical decision, it's not right!
So on top of being yelled at for dumb shit, she rushes me when I'm doing my tasks in the office but then gets pissed when I made mistakes. I know I'm slow, but I just recently started doing everything on my own without supervision and I'll get faster as I get better at it, so I'm more focused on being accurate and actually knowing wtf I'm doing. Doesn't matter though, you magically have to be perfect at a new job after being trained inconsistently and in a confusing manner.
Whenever I ask questions, she either replies in a snarky manner, stares at me, or just says "I'll do it for you" without even showing me so idfk how she expects me to learn. On the rare occasion that she does show me, it's in such a rude tone and I'm just made to feel like I'm wasting her time, because she explicitly tells me I am. So naturally I'm fucking walking on eggshells all the time, and you know what she had the audacity to say to me one time? "You're too anxious, negative thoughts lead to negative results!!11!" I'M ANXIOUS BECAUSE OF YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! IT'S YOUR FUCKING BEHAVIOR THAT MAKES ME AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS OR ASK FOR HELP BECAUSE I'M TREATED LIKE A GODDAMN RETARD!
It's literally no fucking wonder that half the people who had this position at my store fucking quit "out of nowhere", I was like "I'm more mature than that!" but I understand it more and more every day and tbh I cannot fucking wait to do the same thing
I'm not even making an extra two dollars per hour from this promotion that just led to far more responsibility and misery, she won't even tell me the exact amount I'm making so I'm busting my fucking ass and being treated like fucking shit for not even an extra $150 on my (biweekly) paycheck. I am only working here because it's the only place I can walk to, and I'm grinding my fucking ass off here so I can get a car asap and drive myself to a better job but wow it's fucking miserable in the meantime!
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2021.11.30 00:41 Aureana_oreo [LF] Fish bait [FT] Bells

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2021.11.30 00:41 Batman_beyond123 Matto Pissed: The Definitive edition.

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2021.11.30 00:41 harutoch Need a pc/laptop that's good for streaming!

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a good pc recommendation for streaming - laptop or desktop. My budget limit is $750 and I would like a 12-16gb ram or expandable slots ideally. I would also like an ssd with 350gb or more. I will be streaming games that don't need much to run, like the binding of isaac, or just using an external capture card. Thanks!
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2021.11.30 00:41 GabeD416 Electric bill up almost 700% from last month

I'm renting my first ever apartment, and I'm kind of in shock about my heating bill. During August and September I had the AC running almost constantly due to how blisteringly hot it was and my bill was a comfortable 40 to 50 dollars a month. It's been pretty cold so I've had my thermostat at 68 during the day most days, but I turn it off at night. I got my electric bill today for the month of October and its $350, which immediately blew my mind, especially since I have a 400 sq foot apartment at the top of a four story building, and considering I'm using the heat half as much as I was using the AC. Does that seem normal??
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2021.11.30 00:41 buckinghampitheorem 🇪🇪 Estonia: Eesti Laul 2022 Quarterfinal 3 Participants Announced. All songs are in English.

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2021.11.30 00:41 Impressive-Anxiety30 Sit on my lap

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2021.11.30 00:41 Xenohartz FF14 Youtube channel just posted the old v1.0 trailer, hint of something?

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2021.11.30 00:41 Yousinif Is using a vpn ban-able? I’m wondering because I’m in Bulgaria for a bit and they ban it here so I used a vpn to us and it changed the flag to us. And on an alt I used Canada and it changed to Canada. Im scared I spent so much time on my accounts

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2021.11.30 00:41 dev23slayer Lenovo Legion 7 RTX 3070

Legion 7 RTX 3070 32GB 1TB (4 years international warranty) Microsoft office 2021
Price : SGD 2850 (Normal price SGD 3700) 23% discount
Get in touch if interested.
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2021.11.30 00:41 Cool_Joke_3681 Can anyone help me out? I’m trying to figure out what this part of my transmission this is. It’s on a 2002 Subaru wrx 5 speed transmission

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2021.11.30 00:41 GortharTheGamer Dragonborn Revised: Fizban's Treasury Revision

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2021.11.30 00:41 jookco harry vandekemp Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.30 00:41 ContentForager2 Concept Clarifications: Explanation in comment. (/r/dot)

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2021.11.30 00:41 Personal-External-63 I, a white hispanic(22 F) want to learn to live like a Native American but am too afraid to even ask

From a young age, I always liked the Native American way of life. I remember watching Pocahontas and loving the music(even though I know now that it’s riddled with historical inaccuracy), the way they lived, the chanting. When I got older I liked the Dreamcatchers, the CDs of pan flute music…I even went to an expo where they taught us a traditional dance with drums. I loved it. I felt so in my element. All the books I read as a child about their culture and lore I just loved. But I’m a white hispanic…I have no connection to the Native American community whatsoever. And I’m afraid I will get called a colonizer, like the Native American guy on tik tok does. I’m too afraid to ask questions and learn further about the way they live their lives because I’m afraid it will be labeled as cultural appropriation if I eventually practice it. But their way of life has always made so much sense to me and felt right. I don’t even know if I’m using the right words to describe it—I feel racist even saying stuff like this, even though I have a deep admiration and respect for Native culture. I just feel like a white idiot who really wants to know more about the Native American way of life.
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2021.11.30 00:41 jookco tim pratt Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.30 00:41 andresfgp13 i want to wish a happy 10th birthday to my xbox 360, which somehow still lives and still has a lot of games to experience on it !!!

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2021.11.30 00:41 add799 2 victories!

Made a post a couple days ago about getting my first win, and I just got a second! Mantis B OP
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2021.11.30 00:41 DesignerAd1692 Controversial morphs

Should morphs that come with defects be banned from the hobby?
View Poll
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2021.11.30 00:41 Millie-55 Do I Delete My Old Fanfiction?

I have been writing fanfiction since I was in middle school - as most people seem to start - and as most people can probably relate: the fics I started with were BAD. Plotlines that don't really make sense/are impossible, Mary-Sue characters, bad grammar, and writing that is in no way up to my standard now. AND I get the worst reviews now that tell me all this stuff (like I get it, it's bad, I know. I wrote it when I was like 12) and I'm really tired of getting these negative reviews on a story that in no way reflects how I am as a writer now. Yet, I know there are still people that enjoyed these stories when they were posted - and even had some people say they were excited to see I posted an author's note (disappointed it wasn't an update though, was hoping I was going to continue) after all that time.
I guess what I'm trying to get at is, would you remove an old fic of yours if it didn't reflect who you are as a writer now and gets a lot of hate for being bad years after its original post date?
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