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PRESENTING: The Valkyrie Motorworks Mk. 17 Trench Hound, A Landship To Turn The Tide! (P.R.E.B.A.G)

2022.01.24 03:09 Luminous_Lily PRESENTING: The Valkyrie Motorworks Mk. 17 Trench Hound, A Landship To Turn The Tide! (P.R.E.B.A.G)

PRESENTING: The Valkyrie Motorworks Mk. 17 Trench Hound, A Landship To Turn The Tide! (P.R.E.B.A.G) January 12, 1917
“George Cogsworth, well I never! You son-of-a-gun, back from the front!” The tall man with the large mustache takes two steps forward (with a noticeable limp) and claps his friend on the back. “All in one piece, too!”
“Charles, old chap!” replies the shorter man, returning the clap with two of his own. “Yes, and with a very special assignment.” He pulls out a rolled-up sheet of drafting paper, and hands it to Charles, who unrolls it and peers at it for a moment. Then he laughs.
“Ha! There you go, straight from driving a tank to designing one! This is yours, isn’t it?”
“The War Office seems intent on just repeating the same design over and over and hoping the Krauts stop being able to put K-bullets through us,” he replies. “A handful of us drew up better ideas, and Colonel Something-or-Other tasked the lot of us to work them out for real.”
“Hmm,” replies Charles, examining the specifications. “God in Heaven, that’s a lot of steel,” he notes.
“Rolled armor steel, too,” notes George. “I take it you don’t just happen to have quite that much in inventory?”
“Not so much as a millimeter, not even for the armored cars. I’ll tell you what, though, we can make the prototype from surface-hardened plate; layer three of the plates from the armored cars together, and we’ve got your inch and a half… erm. What’s this in Cyrillic?”
“Well, it was the strangest bloody thing. I excuse myself for a few minutes on the ship across the channel, to light up and use the loo, and when I get back there’s some sort of Slav or Russian boy, couldn’t be more than 10, marking the design up! He bolted when he saw me, and I never did catch him; searched the boat from stem to stern. It’s the damnedest thing, though; some of his marks were right on the money! The kid’s a prodigy!”
Charles laughs. “Well, I’m sure my Richard would do the same if you left him alone with it for a bit. Maybe even your little Caitlyn!”
George snorts. “My Cait’s as likely to have anything to do with tanks as your Annette, thank heavens! How’s the family anyway?”
No Comment
The businessman sighs. “Be careful what you wish for. The wife has had to lock that girl in her room, to keep her from following Richard and I to the plant. Persistent as a weed, she is, and she’s almost 7 now. Wish she took after her mother more.”
“I got lucky then; Cait’s nice and docile most of the time, just like Margaret. Hardly ever raises a fuss, and she’s just the same age as yours. Haven’t managed a boy yet, though.”
“You and Margaret better get to work on that while you’re back, then,” quips Charles. He laughs as George turns slightly red. “Anyway, what’s the timetable on this… Trench Hound?”
“2 weeks.”
“You’re shitting me. Two weeks, from blueprints to prototype?”
“That’s what the Colonel said.”
“Well hell. Guess we’ll have to move it to the front of the line…” Charles thinks. “Ah what the heck, you know where everything is around this place anyway. Grab a few of the gents off the line and get started. Let me know if you need anything. Oh, and I’ll send Richard in too. He could use the experience, if these monsters are going to be the ‘next big thing’ in warfare.”
George shakes his head. “You needn’t bother; after we finish licking the Kaiser and his merry little band of Central Powers, we’ll have bloodied them so badly they’ll never even think to start another war like this.”
“Well, he can still show you what’s changed; I’ve added a few new toys to the workshop.”
“Fine, fine! I don’t mind, of course.”
“Yes, well. All’s that to say: welcome back, dear friend. The entirety of Valkyrie Motorworks is at your disposal, for King and Country!”
Let's Get To Work!
January 22, 1917
In London, the two men in their best suits face Colonel Elles; Captain Cogsworth salutes, while Charles smiles broadly and extends his hand, moving forward to shake the hands of each of the assembled officers.
“Colonel Elles, sir, thank you again for this opportunity to serve King and Country in the draftroom and on the assembly line in addition to my service on the front. As you know, I am Captain George Cogsworth, of the Royal Tank Regiment. This is Mister Charles Valkyrie, owner and operator of the Valkyrie Motorworks in Swansea and my employer prior to the war. I’m pleased to present to you the fruits of our last fortnight of work: the Valkyrie Motoworks Mk. 17 Trench Hound!”
"A landship to turn the tide!" adds Charles, enthusiastically, though he leaves the rest of the technical detailing to George.
Ain't she a beaut?
“As you may notice, the Mk 17 has only some traits in common with the vehicle you saw in my notes just 2 weeks ago. The product of innovation and iteration during the available time, I can say without exaggeration that the Trench Hound is superior to the proposed Mark IV in every respect. She’s 21.85 feet long, 8.3 feet wide, and just under 8 feet tall, so fits well within the specification dimensional constraints. She weighs 26.1 tons, making her lighter than the Mark IV prototype by nearly 2 tons. She can reach a top speed of 5.8 miles per hour, nearly 50% faster than the Mark IV, despite using the same engine and a simple 3-gear transmission with mirrored forward and reverse gearings. The tank runs on bogies which, while quite heavy, add significantly improved ride and traction characteristics that make the ride over rough terrain much more tolerable and consistent than when using a simple or unsprung system.
Let's Bogie: with the armor plating detached.
“The tank’s body consists of two parts. The lower hull includes the engine, drivetrain, two forward machine guns, and the driver. The rotating upper hull, which is connected to the lower hull via a passage in the middle of the rotation mechanism, has space for the gunner, loader, and vehicle commander. The rotating upper hull allows the mounted 6 pounder gun to traverse a full 360 degrees to engage targets, with seven supporting machine guns mounted around the perimeter of the upper hull and an eight turret-mounted above, near the roof hatch. It is not expected that every machine gun will be in operation at any given time, but the variety and full directional coverage ensures that at least one weapon will be operable at any given time.”
The Cult of the Machine Gun - Not just for Yankees Anymore.
“Every section of the vehicle is armored consistently: the main body plates are a full 1.5 inches of steel, while the roof and belly plates are 0.75 inches. This is a dramatic improvement over the proposed Mark IV, and I say without exaggeration that it will render the Trench Hound completely and totally immune to any weapon the Kaiser can bring to bear short of direct bombardment with field or naval artillery. In our testing, we found that the sharp angle of the forward section made it significantly more resistant to direct fire than expected, approximating closer to 3 inches of perpendicular plate. This wasn’t necessarily intended but is certainly a welcome characteristic. The uniform armoring accounts of the difficulties of traversing no man’s land; pocketed with shell craters and treacherous terrain, in my experience it is impossible to assume that one will be able to keep any particular side of the vehicle pointed towards the enemy, or that no huns will hide until their trench has been overrun before attempting something dastardly!”
Go ahead, try it. See what happens.
“In terms of handling, I took the liberty of trialing the prototype in secret in a private plot of land near the Motorworks, and found that it performs quite well compared to the current Mark I. It is significantly faster and handles more adroitly, and its trench crossing ability is excellent. I found that its drive system was under significantly less strain due to the improved transmission and suspension systems relative to the old Mark I and the expected Mark IV designs, and I expect the Trench Hound to be significantly more reliable as a result.”
Trenches are no obstacle! Which is good, because actually trenches are the main obstacle that the Trench Hounds needs to clear.
“With all of these excellent characteristics, it would be a shame if the Trench Hound was not equipped to bring the battle consistently to the enemy… but it is. Equipped with 300 rounds of ammunition for its 6 pounder gun split between the upper and lower hull, the Trench Hound is capable of fighting for extended periods of time, taking trench after trench at record pace. Additionally, the Trench Hound mounts 230 imperial gallons of fuel in its internal tanks, which are hidden in the very front of the vehicle, under the most protective parts of the sloped armor along with the driver. These excellent logistical characteristics will allow units equipped with Trench Hounds to continue to press their advantages and seize territory well after competing designs have been forced to retire for want of fuel or ammunition, or due to mechanical difficulties.”
Good luck throwing this Hound off the scent!
“There are a few other special features of note. First is the unusual line running across the front of the tank. This is an auxiliary set of drive controls, connected to the transmissions on both the right and left sides of the vehicle. While the primary transmission controls run back to the engine section, these secondary controls provide a backup in the event of a failure of the primary controls. While exposed, they would allow a tank that would otherwise be disabled for mechanical reasons for control problems to continue its advance.”
Yes, it's weird looking, but it's there for a good reason.
“Secondly, visible on the underside of the tank, are a number of escape hatches that will allow the crew to evacuate a disabled vehicle under fire without exposing themselves. In ordinary use, however, we expect the primary hatches on the upper hell and front of the lower hull to be most convenient.”
Getting a clear shot of the underside of a tank is a really damn hard, as it happens.
“Lastly, in a break from tradition, we have mounted the recoil buffer from the 6 pounder gun externally, to improve the space available in the upper hull. In our testing, we found this mount had no negative impact on durability of the gun system, but did significantly improve the accessibility and space internally. This, combined with the other positive factors, allows the gunner and loader to maintain a rate-of-fire of 23 rounds per minute when firing as rapidly as possible, though obviously this will degrade with fatigue and, even if sustainable, would quickly deplete even the Trench Hound’s voluminous ammunition bunkers.”
There she is: the 6 pounder main gun.
“That about wraps it up for the design itself. I’ve asked Mister Valkyrie here to spend a moment walking through the construction process. Charles?”
“Thanks George. Colonel Elles, gentleman, it’s my pleasure to be here with you, with the opportunity to serve the nation during this Great War at last.” He moves with a limp, clearly favoring his left leg. “I volunteered to go over and fight the Kaiser with George, you know, but as it turns out, you have to be able to run, so I’ve been here at home doing my utmost, which has amounted to quite a bit more than nothing. As you may know, my company, Valkyrie Motorworks, has significant experience producing armored cars for the war effort.” Charles smiles broadly. “This, however, George’s brilliant Trench Hound, is in a league of its own.” He provides a rare color photograph, which he sets on the easel. “My nephew is an apprentice with these things,” he explains. “Quite a good shot, don’t you think?”
Processing img ohit1ssgqkd81...
“Now, of course, the Trench Hound makes substantial use of riveting, as the most reliable way to secure such large, heavy plates of steel. The prototype, which we have produced in record time, uses three sheets of face-hardened steel riveted together; the final design, of course, uses monolithic inch-and-a-half rolled armor plating, truly benefiting such a landship, though we still prefer a riveted assembly for its reliability. While Valkyrie Motorworks has been a pioneer in lightweight welded construction for motorcars, the sheer weight of the plates involved in a landship make conventional methods most effective for now.”
Not to beat you over the head with it, but there are a lot of rivets on this tank.
“After review, we believe that any plant currently producing the Mark I tank or slated to produce the Mark IV should be able to produce the Trench Hound without difficulty; the construction methods are similar, and the internal layout is, dare I say it, remarkably more sensible… to my understanding, of course, as I have yet to see the design in person, something about national security and whatnot. So, I believe that the changeover costs from moving from the Mark IV to the Trench Hound for the primary production run should be minimal.”
Producing the Trench Hound in this factory would be no harder than those ridiculous rhombuses.
“Now, lets see… oh the rotating upper hull! A work of art, really, and not as difficult as one would imagine! It uses a manual operation, to keep things simple for other producers; it’s not like it should have to come about in a hurry, anyway, what with it being impervious to German weapons. This improved field of fire eliminates the need for a second sponson gun… which, I’m told, in the Mark I males couldn’t point straight ahead anyway. This is a much simpler, more elegant solution, and…” He pauses. “I’m getting carried away now, but my point is that we don’t foresee an issue from the rotating mechanism in production. The same can be said of the bogies, which are quite similar to railcar suspensions and so should prove manageable for production sites used to the, I must say, much-inferior unsprung suspension used for the Mark I tank.”

If anyone manages to actually get on top of the tank, I suggest having the infantry shoot them off. 5 rounds rapid should more than suffice.
George takes back over. “In conclusion gentlemen, sir, I have for you today a tank that is superior to the Mark IV in every conceivable way, on every metric, and for every use imaginable. A tank that, if produced, will tax our industry no more than would the Mark IV, and which will be a straightforward transition for our assembly lines and our crews.” He salutes. “Thank you, sir. For the opportunity. If I may say so, sir, I hope that once I return to the line, I will have the chance to take my design into battle personnel.”
The Mk. 17 Trench Hound: A Landship to Turn the Tide!
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2022.01.24 03:09 TheEloquentApe What would be an appropriate party level for this encounter?

Thinking of having a bbeg which is a Shifter Archdruid, with an adjusted spell list.
However, I'd like to give them a Staff of Thunder and Lightning. Additionally, their lair (where the final fight would likely take place) would be under the effects of Druid Grove. Finally, I may make it that in their layer they won't need to use material components for many of their spells (this goes for the players too). That's only really relevant as they'll have access to pretty much everything while in Changeshape.
With all of this I imagine the original cr of 12 isn't really accurate, on top of the minions (likely shifter druids and the animated trees from Druid Grove) I'd probably throw in. I could use some advice on what levels the players should be for this encounter.
Here is what the adjusted spell list would be:

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Don't you think that jailbreak is more of a car trading game than rp?
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just curious, this class is actually kicking my ass rn😭
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2022.01.24 03:09 DahliaExurrana new player here, how do I deal with fast characters

hi, I've gotten into the game really recently with my girlfriend. I'm really taking to Warden and Black Prior, however I'm really struggling to fight the fast characters in the game. It's gotten to the point where whenever I see one of the fast attackers I basically just put the controller down and walk away because they're impossible to fight. Even when I try and sometimes win, it's just such a miserable experience...
a part of me feels like I'm doing something wrong, though. Can anyone help?
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[H] Bayonet Doppler P1 FN(0.011 Float) AWP Neo-Noir FN(0.03 Float) AK-47 Legion of Anubis MM M4A1S Nightmare MM USP-S Monster Mash MM [W] M9 Bayonet Doppler FN
Can add, look at my inventory
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Which movie was better
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2022.01.24 03:09 HugoVonF Representative Mark Batinick(R-Plainfield) wants to make it illegal again in Illinois to sell cannibas flower with more than 10% THC, and has submitted a bill to do so.

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2022.01.24 03:09 Fancy-Cardiologist53 Condom broke and gf migh be pregnant, pls help me and my gf calm ourselves

So i had sex with my gf and the condom broke at the exact moment i came, so i came inside of her, in the panic we both went to the drug store and got a morning after pill which she took immediately after.
This has been a very stressful situation, we are usually very careful about sex since we both are 18 yrs and about to graduate school and go to college, meaning pregnancy is the worst that could happen, we chose the safest condom there was, i called the condom company and found out they had a slim chance of breaking (less than 1%), this only made us more frustrated.
The timing the condom broke and the fact that it broke in the first place just makes me very angry, my gf is extremely anxious about the whole situation because if she was pregnant it would disrupt her opportunity to study abroad in a very prestigious university with a scholarship which she desperately wants, and she wont be able to do that if she is pregnant.
We are both very stressed, especially her, its starting to damage of relationship, if someone has an idea on how to ease the stress especially my gf i would be very grateful.
(This situation took place 2 days ago)
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