Nutshell : SUPA Foundation P2E. Nicely written article about a new game on the FTM chain.

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2022.01.24 03:44 NotAnAlcoholicToday Nutshell : SUPA Foundation P2E. Nicely written article about a new game on the FTM chain.

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2022.01.24 03:44 luxearte Ingrid (Fire Emblem), by me

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2022.01.24 03:44 Radiant-Put-1121 13 year age gap

My bf and I have been together almost a year with a 13 year age gap.. I literally do not feel the age difference at all. Like what so ever. We look the same age act the same age are interested in all the same things etc. But some family members are going out of there way to make it known they are not okay with it. (Not there place what so ever) Both my boyfriend and I live on our own (22 y/o F) (35 y/o M). Advice?
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2022.01.24 03:44 Your-fav-fangirl666 My life in one pic

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2022.01.24 03:44 allvys A country called Moassia

After moass can we buy some islands and create a new nation?
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2022.01.24 03:43 matveyan BIG DISCOUNT. Camouflage Brutal. 🚀Download on Google Play

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2022.01.24 03:43 Hellen-Morey Germany comes under fire for ‘fence-sitting’ over Ukraine -

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2022.01.24 03:43 ohgodkillmenowpls56 TIFU by not putting away my vibrator

I know, another sex-related post, but oh god this just happened 10 minutes ago and I need to share with people who don't know me
I like to consider myself a healthy adult woman who has had a somewhat sheltered upbringing, but nowadays am more comfortable with my sexuality + masturbating. But like I said, sheltered upbringing where I had to learn about sex from school + the internet and not from my parents, and I didn't even know HOW to masturbate until I was like, 18.
I recently finally committed to buying a blue, bullet vibrator because why the hell not. I like it, it's great, and usually I'm pretty great about hiding it away, but today after I was done, I decided to charge it out in the open because I figured I would remember to put it away afterwards.
I didn't remember.
Now I have an older sister who, like me, grew up sheltered, and never really learned much about sex afterwards. So this lady walks into my room, plops onto my bed, near the vibrator that I forgot, chats with me about what she was doing, and then goes "Hey (my name) what's this blue thing?" And internally I had a panic attack when out loud, I go silent because what the hell do I say???? And then she says, "is it for art?" And I say, "yea kinda..." before quickly changing the subject to distract her from the sex toy. I successfully draw her attention away, I'm feeling like the cat that caught the canary, especially after our conversation concludes at a natural point and she gets up to leave. And then this insistent motherfucker goes "so what IS that blue thing?"
I am distressed: either I admit it's a vibrator, and risk facing the awkward moment when your sibling realizes that you masturbate, or I lie like a liar who lies. It's an obvious choice.
I tell her that it's for art (thank fuck she suggested this before because I would have had nothing to say), and is supposed to help with my drawing pad's pen. She asks "how does it work" and I feel like a criminal in the interrogation room. I handwave it, says it does something to increase the pen's sensitivity (lmao) and then shoo her out of the room.
And I KNOW someone is going to say "she is just fucking with you" I can promise you, I know my sister, she is not, she doesn't get sex jokes, doesn't recognize sex toys, and is generally very, well, innocent, as you can see. I'm so happy that she doesn't use reddit.
Ultimately not a super big fuck up, but honestly I don't know where else to put this because I'm too embarrassed to talk to my friends about this but I NEED to share this story because LMAO oh my GOD I CANT BELIEVE SHE DIDNT RECOGNIZE IT and I understand that this is probably very common but I didn't think it would happen to me, because I am a FOOL
TL;DR: standard case of a sibling finding a sex toy, not recognizing it, and then demanding to know what it does when you lie poorly
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2022.01.24 03:43 Ang3lFlesh i M(22) have decided to permanently cut my friend NB(19) out of my life

I’m exhausted and emotionally drained so please forgive any typos or poor explanation.
i’m going to try to sum this whole situation up as best i can, it’s a lot.
So i had been friends with this person for years and we met under some odd circumstances, I’ll call them E. They refuse to take responsibility for anything and constantly blame any of their actions on being mentally ill or being an addict. A few months ago, they reached out to me and told me they were in a poor living situation so i offered to let them stay with my boyfriend and i for a little bit until we got our apartment. Keep in mind my boyfriend and i were living with his parents at the time, and i told E the only rule we had was that no one was allowed to smoke in the house whatsoever. Of course they end up smoking weed in the bathroom and my boyfriends parents obviously notice so i make them leave.
A few nights before this while they were still staying with us, they flirted and got uncomfortably physical with my boyfriend. Right in front of me. They later tried to blame it on being high on ecstasy and meth. i was downstairs with both of them when E kept asking my boyfriend to come lay on and them and cuddle and all this other shit. E has been trying to get any sort of attention from my boyfriend since we started dating, keep in mind i’ve been with my bf for 3 whole fuckinf years. And of course, my boyfriend is absolutely at fault for reciprocating anything in the past. But he actually apologized and took responsibility for it, where as E has always put all the blame entirely on him. i had told them both previously that i didn’t mind us ALL cuddling together, as they were they only people i was comfortable being physically affectionate with. E keeps pushing for my bf to cuddle with them, so i just let it happen to avoid conflict or making things awkward since they tend to take things very personally and get explosively upset if they don’t get what they want. I end up leaving the room for a bit because i’m uncomfortable and need a minute to collect my thoughts and figure out how to best approach this situation. I text my boyfriend and ask him to come talk to me, we sit upstairs for a little while and talk things out. The whole time we were up there, E messages me and asks me if i’m mad at them because fhey were cuddling and i just keep saying no because i didn’t want to upset them. They kept asking me when we’re coming back downstairs and to send to bf down, i eventually tell him to go downstairs without me because i needed a minute. I go down and immediately hear E asking my bf to lay with them again, which i obviously made me angry and uncomfortable so we end up arguing. i eventually just let it go.
Fast forward to weed situation, i kick them out and we don’t talk for a few days. I then realize that i’m sick of them always crossing my boundaries and disrespecting my relationship so i call them out on it and they give me a half ass apology and eventually block me. They message me a few weeks later and ask me if i’m still mad, i tell them i have no interest in remaining friends and they block me again.
Around a month later, i get a message on my public art account on instagram. It’s someone saying they want to commission me and that they used to follow me on my spam. Me being the idiot that i am, i believe them and i let them follow me. They start talking to me about E, saying that they are friends or something and that what they did to me was really shitty. Turns out the person i had been messaging since OCTOBER was E pretending to be someone else and pretending to not know shit about me that they’ve know for years. I had thought i was building a friendship with someone new, which i definitely needed after having to end a 5+ yr friendship. I opened up to this “person” they had created, i told@them recent personal things and about my plans to possibly forgive E and give them a second chance once they were clean and properly apologized. What’s even more fucked up about this whole thing is that before i ended up ending our friendship, i had told them i was having a hard time opening up and trusting people/make new friends due to something traumatic that happened last year. Now they have added to that anxiety, because i spent 4 fucking months talking to them NOT knowing it was them. i obviously blocked them once i figured out it wa them, they kept saying they did it because they missed me and they had plans to stop and delete the account but they just “got in too deep”. I told them that i would never trust them again, and that any chance of us ever reconciling was gone. But for some reason i still feel fucking guilty, im worried that i’ve affected their sobriety by being as harsh as i was and blocking them. I know they overstepped some serious boundaries, but i still feel responsible for their safety. i am hurt and angry and unsure of if i made the right choice.
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2022.01.24 03:43 Ace25Ace [LFT/LFP] Collegiate Varsity Esports Manager (Valorant)

In the near future I am looking to leverage my experience as a manager for a successful collegiate Valorant team sponsored by the school in an NACE/NCAA Varsity Program. I'm looking to step into Esports Management from both a business and player-relation perspective. Any information on semi-pro or professional programs with openings for the near future (I graduate in 2023) would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to explore whether I pursue my degree in Cybersecurity or delve into the world of professional Esports.
Thanks in advance!

Discord: Lukrativ#6437
Twitter: Lukrativ508
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2022.01.24 03:43 jessica55kaitlyn My puppy just got attacked by another dog

A few hours ago my 9 month old puppy (probably should stop calling him a puppy by now) got attacked by my neighbors dog. I was walking him (on leash) and the neighbors had their dog in their front yard without supervision and it charged us from ~50 yards away without any provocation. Their dog started attacking mine, I scooped up my dog and theirs was jumping at me to keep attacking (I was not bit). The owners saw and were in no rush to get their dog even with my screaming to get their dog under control and screaming there was a leash law. When they got their dog I made them give me their contact info. My dog has bite wounds and will be going to the vet tomorrow and I let them know they will be paying for that bill. I did call animal control and animal control will be backing us in case they refuse to pay. (My dog did not bite back and was more so screaming and trying to get away) I feel so bad for my dog especially since he only weighs 13 pounds and their dog weighs 40+. I’m so scared this will change my dogs perception of other dogs and create fear based reactivity issues. I am making this post to vent and ask what you would do in this situation?
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2022.01.24 03:43 magicraven94 quick drawing of a still from the baby MV

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2022.01.24 03:43 PIKACHUKAPAPA Why is Burkina Faso's army mutinying?

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2022.01.24 03:43 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2022.01.24 03:43 BtotheAtothedoubleRY Spaceman Sparkles 2

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2022.01.24 03:43 IsmaelGamerBoot Minecraft

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2022.01.24 03:43 Good_Materials Sound freezes for nds games

The sound regular freezes and it won’t go back to normal unless you save state or load a saved state.
I found this happens for nds games specifically
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2022.01.24 03:43 dominator565 Good music

Can we just talk about how awesome this guy's music is looking to through this subreddit I have seen nothing but support for this guy witch is really hard to do in the modern content scheme
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2022.01.24 03:43 Active-Constant-9166 Looking for plat players

Plat 1 trying to push diamond
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2022.01.24 03:43 Wise-Presentation-80 The Story Of Toy Freaks... + Interview

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2022.01.24 03:43 Hellen-Morey South Korea says Iran to regain UN vote after delinquent dues paid with frozen funds - The Express Tribune

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2022.01.24 03:43 ripperroo5 PSA for Android Frame Stuttering

Alright it is PS-fucking-A time people I can't believe no one's mentioned this
If you are developing a Unity game for Android, at least in 2D, there is a stutter problem with the way Unity handles the framerate of the game. You can fix this problem using Application.targetFrameRate = 31 for a smooth 30fps, or Application.targetFrameRate = 61 for a smooth 60 fps.
Unity defaults to 30fps on Android, and the stutter is quickly apparent if you have a test scene that makes it easy to track 2D motion. Every few seconds or so, sprites on the screen appear to jump forwards and backwards, which is the result of bad frame timing and missing the 30/60fps mark. Using Application.targetFrameRate to set FPS to 30 changes nothing, and setting it to 60 makes the movement much more fluid, but the same stutter persists very clearly, though it appears reduced because the on screen movement distance between each frame has been halved.
Setting the targetFrameRate value to anything other than these numbers appears to set the frame rate to the closest integer division of the display's refresh rate (60 in my case) below the value; so 59 will output at 30 fps, as will 31, and 61 outputs 60 fps visuals. However the stutter is nowhere to be found with these values, and with more testing you find that just a single extra frame in the targetFrameRate value totally resolves the issue. Literally anything except 30 and 60, the targets, works.
Having the lightest of workloads will not alleviate the issue even on a Snapdragon 888 (also tested on an 835). I am using translations of the gameObject transforms, including Time.deltaTime, to move my sprites, rather than any physics, so physics might make this irrelevant but I doubt it a lot.
I started developing my mobile game back on the 2021.2 betas and have had it right through to 2022.1b3, which is what I was using when I found the solution.
The thing that gets me the most is I haven't been able to find a single blog, forum, or reddit post about this anywhere. As far as I'm concerned no one else on the planet has ever experienced this issue, noticed it and solved it. It obviously made Unity look very bad to me when it couldn't run my earliest simple test scene smoothly, but I was learning the engine and elected to stick with it on the basis something was misconfigured. I never had any issues in the editor or device simulator, which is obviously not a mobile CPU, but I knew the workload was much lighter than any games I played on my device which ran perfectly. If this issue or how to set FPS appropriately is documented anywhere please let me know what I was missing out on! I'm stoked to have solved this.
Once I hear what people might have to say and make sure I haven't missed anything, I'm going to file this as at least needing to be documented, if it's not a bug. At the very least this absolutely needs to be documented somewhere, oh my god.
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2022.01.24 03:43 hyharshit Aur kyaa haal

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2022.01.24 03:43 Animdude64 Here's the real truth...

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2022.01.24 03:43 Peswonders Icon SBC, which ? (Looking for a RW)

View Poll
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