Lads, it’s great to be paid early before Christmas but kinda struggling. Only 2 days left for payday.

2022.01.24 04:32 XCEREALXKILLERX Lads, it’s great to be paid early before Christmas but kinda struggling. Only 2 days left for payday.

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2022.01.24 04:32 Superwierdguy15 I would like others to take a look at this.

Me and my friend have been looking at a channel named kane pixel, he has uploaded backrooms videos, packed with lore, dates, names, real world events, and links. I will publicise what information me and my friend have discovered at 5pm GMT, so sit tight.
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2022.01.24 04:32 Rude-Illustrator-884 BF (23M) doesn’t see anything wrong with double standards

My mind is a whole jumbled mess so sorry if everything is messy and unclear. My BF and I have been together for 3 and a half years and live together. Last night, my (25F) BF (23M) went to a bar last night with his friend. While he was out last night, he told me that he was just at his friends house and that he didn’t go to a bar. I only found out he did because he was hungover this morning and I saw the wristband on his arm while he was puking.
The thing that bothers me about this is that not even a couple weeks ago, he told me that people who go to bars while in a relationship are trying to cheat. I brought that up to him today and he said he meant women because men go there to grab a couple of drinks and play pool, while women go there to pick up a guy. Him saying that while also lying about where he was just makes me super suspicious. This isn’t even the first time he’s lied where he’s been before. Plus, I’ve caught his friend trying to hook him up with another girl before. He’s saying that I’m insane and controlling for being angry about this whole thing. Idk, is it unreasonable for me to be mad about it? I’m like ready to break up with him over this and he’s telling me I have issues.
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2022.01.24 04:32 usernasuser Can’t view media on android phone only on computer

I've finished setting up my account on my computer but, when I used my phone, it said I had to make a one-time payment of $4.99 to be able to view my photo that I have uploaded and viewed from my computer but, when I paid the payment of $4.99 it said "Unable to play media" when I try to view the photo on my phone. How do I fix this?
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2022.01.24 04:32 sp4412 People who work at Nike - what was the hiring process like?

Hi guys! I’ve just completed my 4th interview at Nike (which I assume is the last one) for a legal position at Nike.
I loved the team/culture and how the interview went. It’s been a week since the last interview and I’m now in the process of waiting to hear back. The interviews were scheduled every few days so this is the longest I’ve gone without getting an update from them.
Does anyone have any insight as to how long the whole process takes / if no reply = bad news? Also do you guys have any advice on any steps to take in terms of following up?
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2022.01.24 04:32 dj1200techniques Let me play you the song of my people…

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2022.01.24 04:32 guavabacon My first creation using basic shapes :D A donut box!

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2022.01.24 04:32 Nooneslookingpodcast If you had only one story to tell about your life, what would it be?

Just curious about the stories that made you.
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2022.01.24 04:32 hardunkahchud VG/IG nerf?

I've checked the forums and don't see anything other than a 20% bow nerf. I am playing less and less as a bow/spear bow/rapier main due to the fact that I'm getting 1 shot by mages then go to the forums and see no signs of a nerf. I even made a medium armor build with 1400 ele resistance avg gs of 598 with 150 con and was still getting ice spiked while blocking for 80% of my hp.
I probably just can't find the changes they are making to IG/VG on the forums so if anyone can help me out with that I would appreciate it.
If any happen to come across this I think it would be beneficial to promote a skill based combat system and the next time you make a one shot build I'd prefer it if we had to make a skill shot rather than an aoe attack to someone that is rooted for 5s.
The gameplay designers in the dev interview seem competent when they talk about the game, I don't know why they would think of this as okay. I find pvp combat somewhat enjoyable then find out that my favorite ranged weapon is being nerfed (bow) when I am getting one shot by someone pressing 4 buttons with the IG/VG combo and there is only so much I can do to counter it, a friend says "just block" and i still get 1 shot through the block....
I love the souls-like pvp combat but must say the 2 guys you have on balance are currently as bad as your coders AGS. I would recommend replacing a lot of your staff before decisions like the OPR scoreboard and IG/VG become the norm. If the code was this bad at my work or if aomething like the OPR scoreboard went live people would lose their job. 7 years of work on New World and the final product just screams incompetence from nearly every direction. I would love to play New World and just be able to enjoy myself.
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2022.01.24 04:32 Zarawaves Guangdong, China. Can anyone tell me more about this breed?

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2022.01.24 04:32 jcribCODM Just hit 24 hours no vape. Tbh not as bad as I thought! Just the mornings suck

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2022.01.24 04:32 happy_goat_merchant Defender armor question

Apparently the monster hunter community likes challenges so I haven't been able to find any clear answers on this.
I have no intentions of buying iceworld as I am only playing the game since its free on PS5
I am about 6 hours into the game and I have only just learned that the defender armor is extremely overpowered. I died for the first time, so I actually went to improve my armor and found out that the defender armor is literally 25x better than the other starting armor (in terms of defense).
In case it was not already apparent, I am not super big brained. Took me 2 hours to find out I was supposed to charge using triangle and then use R2. I thought they were interchangeable like R1 and L3 for run as the only tutorial on combat is "press either to attack".
Anyway, I personally like playing games super casually and will turn the difficulty down from normal to easy the second I start having trouble.
So here is my question. As long as I never touch iceworld, will the defender armor do the trick, or will I need to actually make some "real armor" for late game content?
*I know the game is designed to be difficult and grindy, but I personally like the game for "haha kill dinosaur". So, if you could avoid judging me for me preference that would be swell, thanks
*Also I play solo so you don't have to worry about me joining your lobby :)
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2022.01.24 04:32 ShellBells514 Shopping on Zulily and saw this..

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2022.01.24 04:32 David_Skorp Join the NudeHub [GER] Discord Server!

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2022.01.24 04:32 theopensecurity Emotet Now Using Unconventional IP Address Formats to Evade Detection Social engineering strategies involving...

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2022.01.24 04:32 Dave_Matthews_Banned ACAB - [XD11//58mm1.2//Kentmere400]

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2022.01.24 04:32 Admirable-Boot-1196 Is NOT ME series worth watching?

Can someone give me a quick summary of the story?
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2022.01.24 04:32 Krypto290 Mass Effects ending isn't that bad

I bought the Legendary Edition over the holidays and yesterday I finally finished it. I previously didn't know much about Mass Effect besides that everyone thought the ending was shit.
So wenn I finally reached the Crucible and met the Kid/Katalyst I thought that it would probably be downhill from here. But in my opinion the worst Part was already that the thing that controlled the Reapers had the form of a kid. That just seemed a bit weird to me. But the rest of the Ending with choices etc. was actually quite cool. I had all three endings available and I liked the differences between them. Then I read that the outcome of the endings is tied to the amount of War Assets and I thought that was quite cool as well.
I'm not quite sure if I just didn't understand what people hated about the ending or if going into it with the Mindset that it is supposed to be bad, changed the way I perceived it
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2022.01.24 04:32 SansGamer42069 why isnt my dancepad working with friday night funkin

i have a usb connected dancepad and i wanna play friday night funkin using my ddr pad (though its not an official ddr pad) and kade engine doesnt recognize my dancepad and neither does the mapping tool i tried to use (antimicro) is there anything i can do to get it to work? (preferably without having to pay for more things to use it with)
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2022.01.24 04:32 Zealousideal-Gur-823 keeping physically active helps with constipation greatly!

so im new to suboxone about 2 months now i think. im on 24mg daily and my god the worst side effect is the constipation... tried a ton of water no luck tried a couple stool softeners here and there no luck.
so ive figured out for me at least, 1 tall glass of water in the morning with the max recommended amount of daily magnesium citrate powder mixed in. then over the counter laxative called Senna 8.6mg 3 tablets once daily. cup or 2 of coffee im sure helps but i already drank. Then the final trick! movement!!! physical movement the more the better im sure.
i have been depressed since getting off H and not doing much physical work. I used to landscape full time and its been winter hours so very little work since starting subs. Finally a week ago business picked up a bit and i started feeling less depressed and getting outside more. and like magic i could at least go to the bathroom semi regularly. and noticeably less if i dont keep somewhat active granted it may not be "normal" but its definitley a massive relief and i feel soooo much better. I know alot of people have this common issue and its a bit embarrassing posting about it but i swear by the physical movement! hope this can help somebody out!
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2022.01.24 04:32 Lou33za Having parents that are teachers is driving me insane.

I love my parents, and there are definitely benefits to having teacher parents but they fail to separate how they conduct themselves at work to how they treat me. Most mornings I find myself getting screamed at to wake up, which puts me in a terrible mood, and although I start college at 11, if I’m not awake by 7 I’ll have to listen to a rant about how I’m a ‘let down.’ My mum is far more overbearing than my dad, but both of them spend their lives yelling instructions at me, to which I’ve become immune to. I know I don’t help enough around the house but I do make dinner most nights and walk the dog, which I don’t think is nothing. My mum is so highly strung and she’s constantly raising her voice, and giving everyone a list of instructions almost as if she is teaching. I’m 18 in a few months yet feel like a child in my own home and whenever it’s so obvious that I’m struggling mentally I get called lazy and shouted at. Granted, I’ve missed a lot of school but I do try.
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2022.01.24 04:32 axel360 Morning, afternoon, and nighttime Taiga

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2022.01.24 04:32 ghjklmnv Being physically touched starved eats away at your mental health

Do not listen to what anyone says. Being sexless and without romantic interaction will cause you to suffer and go insane. And lead you down dale paths that can not be returned from.
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2022.01.24 04:32 Smackgod5150 Ok, so you remember marks imports.

i got up at 1 am to make this post. I started thinking about it before i even found the post already about it. Thinking about Marks imports and stores from yesterday.
Serious question ..... wasnt marks imports a zero gravity before mark took over or was it 2 separate stores in different locations?

Also does anyone remember the Oxygen Ba Hydro massage place? it was where cinnabon was, not sure if before or after ..... my friends aunt owned it, it was nice getting to use it for free
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2022.01.24 04:32 Trick_NL Regice 8726 4249 1336; can invite 9

Please be online. Sorry if you miss out!
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